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Tech help for screen timeout on Samsung phone

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Greatmusic Fri 22-Jan-21 16:44:45

I wonder if anyone can help please. I have low knowledge and high stress with smartphones!

I need to use an app for about 30 mins at a time which involves starting something and then not touching the phone. I installed the app fine.

The problem is that I can't get the phone screen timeout longer than 5 minutes. It is a work phone but personal use is definitely allowed. It is the only smartphone in the house. It is a Galaxy J6 if that helps.

If I go into display settings, screen timeout, the maximum option is 5 minutes. It says 'Other options (not shown here) have been disabled by your administrator'. When I Googled it seems that with Samsung the maximum option is only 10 minutes anyway, so even if other options weren't disabled that wouldn't be long enough.

I Googled some more and found out about Settings > Lock Screen > Smart Lock where apparently it is possible to keep your phone unlocked when it's in a trusted location which would be fine as I only need to use this app at home. However, this is greyed out with a message 'Action not your organisation's IT administrator'. After more Googling I am now confused about whether this would actually override the screen timeout setting anyway.

I Googled some more and found an app called Caffeine - Keep Screen On, which after some stress I have managed to follow all the instructions to get it added to a specific part of the phone. It appears as if it's working but the phone still times out after 5 mins. I've tried all the different time options in the Caffeine app but the phone still times out.

So, I wondered if anyone had any suggestions - a different app to try maybe? Otherwise my options seem to be either contact IT to ask them to allow access to Smart Lock if this would work (or screen timeout if there is a suitably long option). I think they would be unlikely to agree to do this and I feel a bit awkward asking as this is a personal use thing even though personal use is allowed.

Or buy a new smartphone just to use this app. Ideally I need a solution by next Friday and I am nervous about having to buy a new phone in a short time especially when my knowledge is low. But if that's what I have to do then I will have to do it.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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