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Blinds that reflect heat - conservatory.

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TeenagePITA Fri 22-Jan-21 11:28:46

Our conservatory is painfully hot in the summer. It got up to 48 degrees at worst and it heated up the whole house it made it unbearable to live.

We have limited money to fix the issue and now considering blinds.

Does anyone have any experience in this?

We considered changing the roof but can't afford to, and all the sides have the sun beaming in, morning til night so I can't see how fixing the roof would help that much.

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TeenagePITA Fri 22-Jan-21 11:39:56


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thalassoma Fri 22-Jan-21 11:47:39

Is there a door between your house and the conservatory?

Our conservatory is south facing and we leave the windows and doors open all summer - nothing valuable in there and lock house/conservatory door when we're going out.

If the day is going to be above 30oC we shut the house-conservatory door mid-morning and keep it shut.

Don't have blinds so can't help there sorry.

TeenagePITA Fri 22-Jan-21 11:58:35

There is. But I couldn't leave the windows and doors open all summer, it isn't that safe unfortunately.

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TeenagePITA Fri 22-Jan-21 11:59:11

I also don't think it would make any difference.
We come down at 6am and open all the doors and windows in there and by 9am it's awful

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SkepticalCat Fri 22-Jan-21 12:39:40

You can get solar protection blinds:

TeenagePITA Fri 22-Jan-21 13:16:23

That's exactly what I had in mind. That's so helpful, thank you.

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40somethingJBJ Fri 22-Jan-21 13:42:14

These are great - reflect heat and no drilling to fit them:

TeenagePITA Fri 22-Jan-21 14:20:14

Thanks. How do they work? I can't figure it out? Does a whole rectangle stick on? Then the pleated blind is within the rectangle?

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40somethingJBJ Fri 22-Jan-21 14:27:35

Pretty much yes. They fit onto the window seal as a whole unit so you don’t have to make any holes. Look on YouTube for perfect fit blinds - they look great when they’re up smile

EdwardCullensBiteOnTheSide Fri 22-Jan-21 14:35:35

The solar reflective blinds definitely work, we had them in a shop I worked in with huge south facing glass fronts, it was like a sauna until we got the blinds. Then it was cool!

Shellingbynight Fri 22-Jan-21 15:19:06

I spent ages researching a solution to a similar problem a few years ago, I was initially looking at blinds but what I actually got was window film from this company

It was for a huge roof lantern in our kitchen (installed by the previous owner) which made the temperature about 90 degrees in summer - even with doors and windows open you could barely enter the room between midday and 9pm. I had to prepare dinner in the morning!

I wasn't entirely convinced it would work, but it was inexpensive so I tried it and it has worked brilliantly, the room is usable all year round now. From the inside you can't 'see' there is anything there, but from the outside it looks slightly tinted.

They are based in Herts and I wasn't sure they would travel to us (south coast), but they did. He told me their main work is for conservatories.

CoffeeWithCheese Fri 22-Jan-21 16:02:32

I'm having to use the conservatory as an office this year with online everything - and, as usual, we're skint - and I can't afford floor to ceiling blinds for perfect fit style ones.

What we've got that is working relatively well and are no drill are some of the ikea fake roman blind style ones where the horizontal bits are magnetic and you just raise/lower them by sticking and unsticking the magnets. Couple of command hooks above each window and the blinds have eye hooks to hook onto. I do tend to have the door open dawn till dusk when it's hot though (have a fly screen over the door opening).

TeenagePITA Sat 23-Jan-21 08:43:53

Thanks for your help, we ordered sola reflective blinds last night.
And we're getting someone in to fix a decent lock so we can keep the windows open 24 hours a day.

Really helpful tips.

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