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Cut flowers or those small planted arrangements?

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FlowerFluffer Fri 22-Jan-21 10:41:09

Which are better? I have decision paralysis...

The cut flowers pack more of a punch initially – but they obviously die quicker. Maybe even a little bit flash and ostentatious and wasteful as a gesture.

The little planters in principle last longer – but when I have had them they have started the wilt pretty quickly. They feel like a bit of an imposition for the recipient to look after them. Also – would pets like dogs treat them as a personal salad bowl?

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FlowerFluffer Fri 22-Jan-21 11:35:31

Not catching the mood of the moment - huh?

If my Marie Antoinette question gets any more sympathy - I will specify that I am gifting flowers to special people in lieu of a funeral gathering.

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IliveonCoffee Fri 22-Jan-21 12:10:31

For a planter, depends I think if they're already plant people. If they have pot plants everywhere, they probably don't want any more, but likewise if they have none, it's probably going to die...

Stupid as it sounds, try and picture it in their home. Do they have anywhere to put it? Obviously, don't pick an exact spot.

Planters I think can bit a tad more personal and last longer, but it depends on the person. Only you know if your intended recipient will appreciate it. But I do think they're not inherently bad as an alternative to flowers.

Based on your update, I'm sorry for your loss. But depending on the others you are gifting to, bear in mind others are likely to receive many sympathy flowers, so plants might be more of a special gift if you're more closely related.

FlowerFluffer Fri 22-Jan-21 13:02:34

Recipient 1 got this... I think I like it ... it’s not
too ‘in your face’ which reflects the person its honouring.

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