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Where's my online food shop

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Asiama Thu 21-Jan-21 00:12:58

My Asda delivery didn't arrive today. Normally I get a text saying they are on their way and I thought it was off that they didn't text me. Once the time slot had passed I checked the app and it said it was expected 2 hours late. That time has now gone too and no sign of the delivery. I tried contacting Asda as soon as expected delivery time had passed, but they had already closed. I will phone them tomorrow but was wondering if anyone has had this happen before and how it was resolved?

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Givemeabreak88 Thu 21-Jan-21 00:16:00

Yes this happens a lot, it’s one of the reasons why I now never choose the late slots, I always pick an earlier one just so if it doesn’t turn up you are more able to call them or go out to the shop. But yes it’s happened a few times to me with Tesco’s. Normally they only offer to refund you but I’ve had it redelivered but that was only once they did that.

Pipandmum Thu 21-Jan-21 00:56:53

It only happened once and I think they delivered the next day and gave me a £10 voucher (Tesco).

Asiama Thu 21-Jan-21 10:08:03

Thank you both. Still no sign of my delivery. I wrote to Asda asking where it was and they replied back that they can't do anything until the order is showing on their system as delivered. It makes no sense!

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Givemeabreak88 Thu 21-Jan-21 11:54:41

Oh dear I think I will avoid Asda then, Tesco’s say when it gets back to the store it’s automatically refunded. Did they at least tell you what would happen after, are they saying they will redeliver it?

Schoolhouse123 Thu 21-Jan-21 11:58:21

I actually swapped to tesco years ago because of this issue (happened several times and the communication was none existent).

Asiama Fri 22-Jan-21 11:13:14

They haven't said anything other than they can't do anything until it's showing on their system as delivered!

Still no further news on my shop! angry

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