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Things your partner does that makes you smile

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Howcanwehelp Wed 20-Jan-21 21:04:24

Dh has an early start so he went to bed early, but he knows I need to listen to the radio to get to sleep. So my wireless headphones are charged and by the side of my bed. Win win.

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Doublefaced Wed 20-Jan-21 21:11:27

Leaves chocolate under my pillow.
Makes me a cuppa every morning.
Tells me I’m gorgeous even when I’m having a ugly day.
Lets me lie in loads.
Always puts the loo seat down.
De ices my car in the morning.

Howcanwehelp Wed 20-Jan-21 21:12:54

That's lovely. My dh makes me tea at the weekend even though he doesn't drink hot drinks. :-)

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waitingforadulthood Wed 20-Jan-21 21:13:06

I always love these threads. When dh brings me drinks he always uses the "right glass". He'd happily use a mug for all drinks- but knows me and my extensive glass collection enough that if bringing me tea it's in the white mug, coffee the Christmas mug, prosseco the gold flute, white wine stemmed wine glass, red wine non stemmed etc it's a long long long list but he remembers every time.

soggyandwet Wed 20-Jan-21 21:15:47

Makes me a hot water bottle without being asked.

bettertimesarecomingnow Wed 20-Jan-21 21:19:14

Brings me tea in the morning and let's me sleep in while he empties the dishwasher and feeds the dog.

VienneseWhirligig Wed 20-Jan-21 21:22:17

Mine used to make me tea for when I got up, and when I came home from work. He also would hold the car door for my nan, help her with her seat belt, and drive really carefully when she was in the car because she was precious cargo. He was such a kind man.

Bubbles1st Wed 20-Jan-21 21:27:19

He lets me be me, completely humours all my quirks, I have never been more myself with anyone in my life.
Always let's me have the last of something.
Does the dishes everyday.
So many things smile

WildWaterSwimmer Wed 20-Jan-21 21:27:40

Buys me fresh flowers every week.

Unloads the dish-washer and feeds the children and the dog every morning whilst I'm still in bed.

Gets up early on a Saturday morning to do the supermarket shop whilst I'm having a lie-in.

buckeejit Wed 20-Jan-21 21:29:24

My dh cuts sweet peas & puts them in a wee vase right by my bedside

doodleygirl Wed 20-Jan-21 21:32:24

Always unloads the dishwasher, brings me hot water and lemon in the morning and makes my coffee when He hears me walk down the stairs. Takes the dog out in torrential rain even when it’s my turn grin

Archersandlemonade Wed 20-Jan-21 21:33:22

He just makes everything right.

Mammma91 Wed 20-Jan-21 21:33:30

He makes me coffee. He puts tv programs on he hates but knows i love. He cooks me + toddler + him separate meals every night. He drives me where i need to be whenever he can, because i don’t drive (yet). He buys me sweets when he knows I’ve had a hard day with our DC. He is wonderful!

UpTaeHighDoh Wed 20-Jan-21 21:35:43

@VienneseWhirligig ❤️

My DH opens the car door for me and closes it behind me EVERY TIME! I thought he was just being chivalrous at the beginning because we had just started dating but almost 6 years later and he still does it.

kennelmaid Wed 20-Jan-21 21:38:43

When he's watching a happy film, his face is just so lovely and soft looking and kind.
He always makes a fire for me when I get back from a cold and rainy dog walk.

lastqueenofscotland Wed 20-Jan-21 21:41:46

Makes me a proper coffee every morning

Is quiet as a church mouse when he gets up so I can sleep.

Is supportive of all my terrible ideas

Humours this bizarre childhood/family joke that’s been ongoing my whole life, that a previous partner called juvenile.

Literally never mentions how much my horse costs me... ever. Even though I’ve spent all week complaining I can’t afford to fix the car.

chelle862 Wed 20-Jan-21 22:24:00

Makes me coffee in the morning even though he can't stand the smell.

Puts the heated seat on in the car when it's cold.

Changes the colour of the star globe projector thing in our bedroom for baby every day that I'm too lazy to do

Holds my towel up for me when I get out of the bath and always puts my pjs on the radiator ready.

whereisthejoy Wed 20-Jan-21 22:45:53

He's an amazing hands-on dad despite neither of us thinking we wanted a child when we got together!

He loves me even though I'm a total arsehole sometimes and thinks I'm beautiful and thin on the days I feel anything but.

Our child absolutely adores him. I don't even mind when he's the favourite!

whereisthejoy Wed 20-Jan-21 22:47:22

Oh and he's learnt DIY skills even though I know he'd sooner pay someone to do it. I'm secretly proud of how well he's adapted to this (saving us thousands!).

Happyfamily123 Wed 20-Jan-21 23:22:55

Brings me a cuppa every morning in bed
Loves my children as much as he loves our daughter of
Always gives me a cuddle at the right time! He Just knows x
Makes everything right x

LadyJaye Wed 20-Jan-21 23:27:36

Sings little made-up songs to the cats.

The look on his face when he's eating a chocolate pudding brings me such indescribable joy, that I could die on the spot and feel I had lived well.

Piemam Wed 20-Jan-21 23:28:24

Brings me water that he has chilled for me in my special night time strawed cup, as he knows breastfeeding makes me so thirsty, even though I forget to bring it for myself.

EternalOptimist7 Wed 20-Jan-21 23:35:05

Lovely thread OP 🙂
I appreciate my DH so much more now because we went through a really bad patch a few years ago & could have split up but battled through. He still drives me mad sometimes but he’s my best mate & makes me laugh every day. He says “ Pull up a husband” when I’m upset or need to offload. He buys little treats for me & DD when he goes out. He cleans the rabbits out every week cos he knows I hate doing it & he’ll often put them to bed when it’s my turn. In the middle of the night he’s brilliant if I’m ill or think I am ( I can be very anxious). His relationship with DD has been very difficult but I love to see how hard he’s trying to build a closer relationship with her. She will even let him hug her now & I don’t get that privilege unless she’s really upset. Oh & he’s a fab cook & baker! The whole meal bread he makes is amazing.

lovegalore Wed 20-Jan-21 23:38:40

Leaves me my favourite chocolates on the kitchen side after he's got home from a night shift with a little note. Even when he's tired he's so thoughtful.

Blow dries my hair for me on days when I really can't be bothered (I hate drying my hair!)

Clevererthanyou Wed 20-Jan-21 23:44:15

He loves our animals and treats them with love and kindness, I know this seems like something that people ought to do anyway but my experience of men is not good so I’m pathetically grateful for it.
When he knows I’m in pain, he opens up his dressing gown so I put my arms around him and he belts me into it grin
He fully supports my ridiculous whims and never makes me feel bad for my stupid ideas.
He is devoted to our son and enjoys coming up with ideas to make life as a family as magical as possible.
He knows my quirks.
He’s hysterically funny 😁
He doesn’t have a clue about traditional romance (flowers chocolates etc) but he is romantic in his own way.

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