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Serena1977 Wed 20-Jan-21 18:05:53

I know everything is tough for loads of people at the moment and I know some are leaning on different things to get them through.

I'm homeschooling 2 children, one of which needs more support so I feel like I'm neglecting the other. Dh is a key worker and at work a lot and the weather is dismal and of course I'm scared like a lot of people catching covid and dying.

I've been leaning on something to get me through, I suppose an emotional crutch. And it's compromising my health and ironically my health re: if I caught covid.

I already use the something as a crutch to everyday life anyway but felt I was in control if I ensured I stayed out of the house particularly during the day when the kids are at school, by volunteering, swimming, the allotment etc. All of which have gone at the moment. So now my use of my crutch has increased and got out of control and no matter how much I try, every day's a new day and all that, it doesn't work.

I've contacted my gp but there is no support available at the moment and very little support pre covid.

The crutch is food. I'm 20 stone.

I feel so out of control.

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Serena1977 Wed 20-Jan-21 20:27:52


Any advice gratefully received!

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HomeschooIerRockthemicrophone Wed 20-Jan-21 20:40:46

Hello. <links arms>
I haven't been on the scales but won't be far off. Am a size 20. Have always comfort eaten but was swimming twice a week.
Like you (and most of the nation) am taking comfort in food, especially cake
I haven't been able to experiment and/or home bake as am homeschooling two like you and am a keyworker part-time like your other half.
So chocolate [pombear] cake have been snaffing the lot and take away/ready meals when knackered which is a lot of the time.
I have no solution other than:
Not buying the binge stuff then it's not there for me to scoff
Buying 'better' alternatives e.g. nuts, grapes, hummus, bananas, peanut m+ms
Fasting for Easter/giving up a worst vice
Buying those prep boxes if affordable (not for me sadly)
Burning calories with your DH (not for me sadly but Shirley Valentine called it the F-plan iirc)
Do some healthy meal prep as part of the home ed
(I find Bez more relatable than Joe Wicks)

Good luck shamrock

Palavah Thu 21-Jan-21 08:35:35

Try overeaters anonymous. They have meetings at lots of different times, some of which are in-person when allowed. Welcoming and non-judgmental.

Free although donations welcomed for running costs.

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