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how do you beat procrastination?

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vivariumvivariumsvivaria Wed 20-Jan-21 16:11:42

I have a work thing to do - it's a nice thing to do but it involves a video and I am very wooden on video. I can present live easily, I don't mind public speaking - but, stick me in front of an iPad and I look like I'd belong in Acorn Antiques.

I have to do it. I have been procrastinating on it for a whole month, I have used the excuse of Christmas/lockdown/homeschool chaos - and really, I just need to record the bloody thing. Today was the day I was going to do it - and I haven't. I have done lots of other things, but, not the sodding video.

How do you motivate yourself to do the jobs that you really, really don't want to?

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toomuchlikemyusername Thu 21-Jan-21 20:50:22

I think with something like that, if it was possible, I'd start off with a trial run just to try it out. I'd promise myself a nice reward afterwards and then just go for it. If I was really, really procrastinating, I might 'forbid' myself to do something until the task was done. Not allow myself to go on my phone for example.
Having been a procrastinator for a large part of my life I can now, at long last, generally convince myself that it is generally much easier to just get on, do it and spend the time I'd otherwise spend worrying, fretting or berating myself doing nicer, more enjoyable stuff instead.
Not always easy tho.

Good luck OP. You can do it!

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