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Property valuations for probate

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bendmeoverbackwards Wed 20-Jan-21 14:27:24

Does anyone know how long it takes to get the valuation report?

Instructed surveyor in November, paid in full, he’s visited the property but 2 months on still no report!

Have chased many times as have the solicitors involved.

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MaggieFS Wed 20-Jan-21 21:41:16

Sorry I can't really help, but partially giving you a bump, and partially wondering why you didn't just use local estate agents? When my dad died, we just had three estate agents value the house for free and used the average for the probate paperwork.

bendmeoverbackwards Wed 20-Jan-21 21:57:51

The solicitor said the valuation had to be done by a surveyor for inheritance tax purposes.

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MaggieFS Wed 20-Jan-21 22:14:29

Yikes, we weren't told that. Perhaps ask for this thread to be moved to the property section and someone who knows surveyors might pick it up?

40somethingJBJ Wed 20-Jan-21 22:32:34

I’m doing probate at the minute on my dad’s house and they’ve just taken an estimate off me, no valuation or anything. It was a fairly accurate estimate as a neighbouring, identical property is up for sale, but the solicitor didn’t mention getting a valuation done.

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