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Can I tell you my good news???

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anewdispensation Wed 20-Jan-21 09:31:11

Last year pre Covid, I was bullied out of my role at work- went down the legal route and got a payout. Then Covid hit and getting back to work was so tough so been living off the payout.

I got a call yesterday offering me an amazing role at a great organisation with a fantastic culture. The pay and benefits are a lot more than what I was earning at the toxic old place and I’ll be working lesser hours!

I had been so down and was worrying as I’m the main bread winner but I am so relieved that I don’t have to worry anymore. Keeping the news to myself in real life but just wanted to share with someone..

Also for anyone going through similar or looking for a job, please don’t give up. I know how hard it is and how bad the anxiety can be, just keep going

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HPLikecraft Wed 20-Jan-21 09:32:28

Fantastic! Very pleased for you, OP 🍾

suggestionsplease1 Wed 20-Jan-21 09:33:00

Congratulations! Good luck with the new role.

Sparticle Wed 20-Jan-21 09:34:08

Well done @anewdispensation! cake

Mammma91 Wed 20-Jan-21 09:34:51

Congratulations OP!!! Thats fantastic news!!! flowers all the best of luck in your new role!

ChakaDakotaRegina Wed 20-Jan-21 09:35:06

Amazing! Well done you. I hope you get to tell people irl soon

DottyWott Wed 20-Jan-21 09:37:33

Congratulations 🎉 onward and upward!

2typesofjungle Wed 20-Jan-21 09:37:47

Wonderful, good for you! I hope it all goes well flowers

JontyDoggle37 Wed 20-Jan-21 09:38:32

Congratulations OP, that’s lovely news!

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Wed 20-Jan-21 09:39:03

Fantastic, well done and best of luck in your new role!

Defender90 Wed 20-Jan-21 09:40:18

Congratulations!! Wish you the very best in your new role flowers

anewdispensation Wed 20-Jan-21 09:40:46

Thanks all! I’m really thrilled and keep pinching myself to confirm it’s real. I plan to tell my mum and sister today as they know how worried I have been

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SuperSange Wed 20-Jan-21 09:41:22

Well done!

SquirrelFan Wed 20-Jan-21 09:46:44

Love a bit of good news! Well done!

Keratinsmooth Wed 20-Jan-21 09:48:05


Googlelafy Wed 20-Jan-21 09:51:01

Delighted for you. Great news and best wishes.

LeaveMyDamnJam Wed 20-Jan-21 09:51:19


PancakesAndSyrup Wed 20-Jan-21 09:53:22

That's fantastic news OP congratulations on your new job!! 🥂

Totaldick Wed 20-Jan-21 09:59:07

Go girl!! Brilliant to hear some good news for a change and motivating too as I am the person you are egging on to keep going. Its grim but I will. Well done once again, every cloud...!

anewdispensation Wed 20-Jan-21 10:05:54


Go girl!! Brilliant to hear some good news for a change and motivating too as I am the person you are egging on to keep going. Its grim but I will. Well done once again, every cloud...!

Honestly @Totaldick it happens when you least expect it. They contacted me initially in august last year and went quiet until last week. Really keep going

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valadon68 Wed 20-Jan-21 10:09:39

Amazing!! Congrats OP!

I know what it's like landing your dream job - I still can't quite believe I'm here and it's been about 2 years. Hope you really enjoy it, sounds like you deserved some good news.

ParkheadParadise Wed 20-Jan-21 10:12:34


potter5 Wed 20-Jan-21 10:12:56

So pleased for you! xx

shitinmyhandsandclap Wed 20-Jan-21 10:15:46

Well done OP, lovely news :-)

nevernotstruggling Wed 20-Jan-21 10:17:31

I needed this today!!!!! I'm so proud of you standing up to bullies but you shouldn't have had to go through that.

I'm not out of work but been through a tough time. I completely get it xxx

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