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Did you learn the dance routine from...

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dudsville Tue 19-Jan-21 21:31:35

"Busy earnin'" by Jungle?

I'd forgotten about this song until hearing it on a film soundtrack (Man Up, cute film!). I watched the video and remember thinking it looked fun. Might try it tomorrow. Did you ever try this one, or any other?

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ExitChasedByABear Tue 19-Jan-21 21:36:25

I haven’t tried it but I had tried learning the choreography for Here We Are by Ashley Choi. It’s a bop grin

Scarby9 Tue 19-Jan-21 21:39:53

Save all your kisses for me. blush

dudsville Tue 19-Jan-21 22:28:41

I don't know that, *Exit& but a bop sounds fun!

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dudsville Tue 19-Jan-21 22:30:02

Scarby, is that a dance number? Did it not go well?

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Scarby9 Tue 19-Jan-21 23:45:55

Classic Eurovision. It took many playtimes to perfect the synchronized headtilts and leg lifts.,vid:7bKAPVpA46o,st:0

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Wed 20-Jan-21 00:03:25

I used to know the dance too Scarby. It was ideal for a primary schooler because it was choreographed for people who really couldn't dance (singing was underwhelming too tbh). grin

KatherineJaneway Wed 20-Jan-21 00:16:59

Nope, never heard of it.

Dud learn Thriller though

KatherineJaneway Wed 20-Jan-21 00:17:17

Did even

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