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Have you ever accepted a job then backed out?

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HaveringWavering Tue 19-Jan-21 19:14:49

I want to preface this by saying I know that I am incredibly lucky to have this problem in the current economic climate.

I have accepted a new job, including signing the contract. My current place have made a very compelling case for me to stay, based on a load of info I wasn’t aware of before. I genuinely did not go out looking for the new job- I was approached by someone- and I absolutely didn’t intend to use it to negotiate with my current place.

Please share your experiences of pulling out of jobs. I feel like such a time waster and know they will hate me. I know I just have to get over that but am now kicking myself for not testing water with my current place first. But that seemed wrong too at the time. Timescale is less than a week since I accepted.

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WhatAreWordsWorth Tue 19-Jan-21 19:28:12

Do you honestly see yourself staying at your current place long term? If so, then stay. But something was obviously able to tempt you away. It’s quite common that people who accept counter offers move on within a year anyway, so if you think this might happen I would just leave.

To answer your question, I have backed out of a job, albeit I hadn’t signed a contract. You will probably be burning a bridge with the new employer, just something to keep in mind if you think it’s somewhere you may want to work in the future.

I think it all rests on weighing up the big pros and cons of each offer.

Notsogoodhousekeeping Tue 19-Jan-21 19:29:12

Not yet, but I might end up doing so shortly if I get an offer from the place I just interviewed with - here's what people said to me:

Slightly different scenario to yours in that I haven't started the new job yet, and only formally accepted this week, but I was quite surprised that so many people said "don't worry about it!"

sofiaaaaaa Tue 19-Jan-21 19:31:03

In your situation I would probably take the new job. It won’t be the same at your current place now they know that you were prepared to leave! They might sound enticing now but long term there’s no guarantee it would work out

Notsogoodhousekeeping Tue 19-Jan-21 19:31:16

To explain better: Currently unemployed. I have been offered and accepted Job A, due to start shortly. I then saw Job B (dream job) advertised, applied for it, and interviewed for it this week. Will know the outcome at the end of the week.

NotCornflakes Tue 19-Jan-21 19:34:14

Yes. I accepted a job, and then changed my mind because they wouldn't pay relocation expenses for a move from Scotland to the south of England, back in the days when that was a reasonable thing to expect! I went on to bigger and better things soon after anyway! grin
I still cringe a bit when I think about how I told my boss I was leaving and then had to sheepishly tell her I had changed my mind, luckily I hadn't handed my notice in yet!

HaveringWavering Tue 19-Jan-21 19:35:44

Thanks all who have replied so far and good luck @Notsogoodhousekeeping!

The reasons for staying are very complicated and to some extent it’s a chance to press reset on what I do and redefine the role. The resignation let me speak frankly in a way I would never have dared before and they have come up with some quite creative responses. Big “fear of the unknown” factor with the new job that I thought I had got over!

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sofiaaaaaa Tue 19-Jan-21 19:40:29

What assurance do you have that your role will change? Most employment contracts have a term stating your responsibilities will change dependant on business need, so they could renege on the promises and keep the role as is. You would have no recourse as technically your contract allows for it.

I just feel like if you were prepared to leave, it’s best to follow though as work relationships could potentially sour and you may miss out on a great opportunity. Only you know what your current workplace is like though

katy1213 Tue 19-Jan-21 19:41:46

Do your trust your present company to come up with the goods? Given that they had ample opportunity to show their appreciation of you before but clearly didn't.

sofiaaaaaa Tue 19-Jan-21 19:42:56

Also will your salary change? I would ask for a new contract to confirm what has been discussed.

I have been in a similar situation, left job A after 2 weeks for much better Job B. Job A management weren’t impressed! However unlike you, my employer before Job A wasn’t a consideration.

ChilliMum Tue 19-Jan-21 19:48:33

Yes, I interviewed for 2 jobs, offered both, accepted job a and turned down job b.

First week in the job a I knew I had made a mistake (tbf they moved the goal posts so the job wasn't quite what I expected).

I called job b and asked if the position was still available and explained that i had made a mistake. They were so nice, they hadn't found anyone and said the offer was still there. I accepted straight away on the phone and told job a the next day.

I am not usually that bold and I was so nervous calling job b to say I had made a mistake and it was awful telling job a that I had changed my mind as I had been temping there and had actually been there quite a while so I felt sick letting them down but honestly once it was over it was fine and i am so happy i did it.

Life is too short to be in the wrong job. I doubt they will be happy if you change your mind but if you explain why it is a better fit for you they will understand (although they probably wont admit it).

Good luck.

MadameBlobby Tue 19-Jan-21 21:06:41

Yes I have done it twice. Don’t do what I did the first time and just ignore one of them after accepting it finally phoning them on Christmas Eve mumbling something about “changed circumstances”

garlictwist Tue 19-Jan-21 21:11:49

I have because I had second thoughts and didn't think it was what I wanted to do. Never told my current job I was leaving though and turned them down only a couple if days after accepting.

I carried on job hunting and found something I liked better a few months later.

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