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Help to settle an argument

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justaweeone Wed 20-Jan-21 07:49:47

Thank you

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Stompythedinosaur Tue 19-Jan-21 18:49:36

Definitely what it was called originally.

Ghostlyglow Tue 19-Jan-21 18:31:32

What it was originally. I have o levels and that is what I put on my cv.

SeasonFinale Tue 19-Jan-21 18:15:26

You should put the name that is on the certificate because that is the qualification he received.

I did O levels with A as the highest grade. I would never say I have Gcses at A* because I don't.

PlanDeRaccordement Tue 19-Jan-21 18:03:47

I know in the US that when Radcliffe women’s university became part of Harvard University (formerly men’s only), that female graduates would write PhD, Biology, Harvard-Radcliffe University.

Not sure what etiquette is these days as it doesn’t happen often.

Moltenpink Tue 19-Jan-21 17:45:39

What would people put if their university had changed name, just out of interest?

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 19-Jan-21 17:43:56

Original name.

PlanDeRaccordement Tue 19-Jan-21 17:41:34

First, I would not put the date of the qualification on the CV since it is more than 15yrs ago, because ageism.

Secondly, I would list the qualification as:
HND Hospitality Management (Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management)

So it’s not lying, but it’s communicating the current up to date name because some hiring people may not know the old HND and that it is equivalent.

OliviaKeeling Tue 19-Jan-21 17:35:16

I agree with @schmockdown. A qualification taken 30-40 years ago will have less impact than proven experience in the industry.

Still name it as the original name but put what it's known as now in brackets.

Babdoc Tue 19-Jan-21 17:22:59

If he thinks the shortlister will be too young to know what it is, he could simply put it with the date, and add “equivalent to current HND in hospitality management” in brackets after it. Then there is no confusion.

prawncocktailpringles Tue 19-Jan-21 17:22:27

I would also put the actual title on his certificate.

RockingMyFiftiesNot Tue 19-Jan-21 17:21:06

I would say what it was when he took it

littleloopylou Tue 19-Jan-21 17:20:59

I would put the name of the qualification and then in parentheses I would note that it's equivalent to Hospitality Management

goodwinter Tue 19-Jan-21 17:20:18

I would put the original title - it's still recognisable as hospitality-related. If he's that worried, he could possibly put "equivalent to HND hospitality management" in brackets or underneath the title, but imo there's no need.

schmockdown Tue 19-Jan-21 17:20:04

Put what it was at the time although TBH an HND from the 80s is going to have minimal impact on a hire. Experience will have outweighed it 20 odd years later.

HappyFlamingo Tue 19-Jan-21 17:20:02

I think either approach would be ok. The names are similar enough for it to be clear that he wasn't lying (if they ask to see the certificate).

TonTonMacoute Tue 19-Jan-21 17:18:38

He must be including the date that he got then qualification so they will understand the name has changed since.

If he puts the new name they might think he's lying about having got it!

user1174147897 Tue 19-Jan-21 17:17:35

Well, if they ask to see the certificate, what does it say?

People with O levels don't "update" them in their CVs to the present day equivalent, do they?!

justaweeone Tue 19-Jan-21 17:13:44

My Dh and I disagreegrin
Qualification gained in the 80's, HND in hotel,catering and institutional management
Now called HND in hospitality management.
I say on his CV it should be what your original qualification was not what it's called now!
He says it's old fashioned and he wants to put what it is called now. I say that's wrong and you need to write what it was you studied at the time.

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