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What would you class this as

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NemosPoorlyFinn Tue 19-Jan-21 10:12:07

I have no idea what you would class my house as
row of three houses
Two either end one in the middle would the two properties either side be end terraces?
not semi detached?
Asking because I'm trying to sort some contents insurance
And it's boggling my mind 😬

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LIZS Tue 19-Jan-21 10:13:16

End of terrace. One of pair is semi detached.

HeadphoneProliferation Tue 19-Jan-21 10:13:25

Two end-terraces and a mid-terrace.

Stompythedinosaur Tue 19-Jan-21 10:17:43

I would say it is a terrace too (two end terraces and one mid terrace).

SnoozyLou Tue 19-Jan-21 11:35:01

Another vote for terrace.

ExclamationPerfume Tue 19-Jan-21 11:40:24

Definitely two end terraces and a mid terrace. Semi detached is only two property's joined together.

BarbaraofSeville Tue 19-Jan-21 12:08:11

Umm, I don't understand why this is confusing you?

One house = detached

Two houses = semi detached (the clue is in the name)

Three or more attached houses = a terrace. Those at each end are end terraces and the middle one(s) mid terraces.

OwMyNeck Tue 19-Jan-21 12:09:54

IT's only semi detached if there are only 2 houses stuck together. Anything more is a terrace. (or possibly a townhouse)

BarbaraofSeville Tue 19-Jan-21 12:10:05

They want to know because if you had a fire, it might affect adjoining properties, so obviously if you have two attached neighbours, the risk of this would be more than if in a detached.

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