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Slightly nervous about a full days' homeschooling with zero sleep last night....

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Mammyofonlyone Tue 19-Jan-21 05:07:06

It's going to be a disaster isn't it???????

Someone offer me some reassurance, please?

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SeptSpiral Tue 19-Jan-21 05:10:26

How old are the children? Don’t put any pressure on yourself to do things. Just aim for “everybody fed and nobody dead”

namechangefail2020 Tue 19-Jan-21 05:12:12

I always find getting out of bed the hardest but then the weird thing is you can actually function from no sleep when you're a parent. Or alternatively tell the teacher you're ill and you can just all watch movies together or something and catch up tomorrow.

Mammyofonlyone Tue 19-Jan-21 05:15:49

Both excellent suggestions. I am actually debating getting up soon and going for a quick run before my husband goes to work in the vain hope it will invigorate me

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buddy79 Tue 19-Jan-21 05:20:01

God I’m going to have a shocker too. I have to home school my 6yo whilst doing full days key worker (phone calls with patients), he’s usually at school but his bubble has positive case so closed for 10 days. I’ve been up since 3am with my 21 mo. There was much swearing at 4am when I gave in to him not going back to sleep. Solidarity and early night tonight!!

Mammyofonlyone Tue 19-Jan-21 05:22:01

Good luck bud were in it together

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E1ffelTower Tue 19-Jan-21 05:26:05

Does it really need to be a full day? I do about three hours textbooks with my year 5 daughter. Then she does apps/crafts/instruments on her own in the afternoon. But you have my sympathies. I got three hours sleep, woke up at 1am and haven’t been able to get back to sleep since!

Mammyofonlyone Tue 19-Jan-21 05:30:10

That sucks. I hope your day improves.

She has online lessons to dial into from 9-3.30 and then an extra optional one at 5.00, so she could miss that one I guess. That said it's yoga so she'll be fairly chilled and I could take that chance to snooze whilst she's aligning her seven year old chakras grin

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Crakeandoryx Tue 19-Jan-21 05:30:56

I'm with you. Been awake since 3am. To many jobs to do so I've been working my way through birthday present and card buying etc. I'm now shattered and got a full day of working (also keyworker, safeguarding) and homeschooling two DC. Bubbles also gone. I'm also tempted to get up and get on with it but I'm so worn out.

It's tough going this. Everyday I get through is a huge achievement.

BillyAndTheSillies Tue 19-Jan-21 05:42:19

DS2 is teething so I've been up with him since 4:30. Feeling poorly and booked in for a test at 8am so I can get home and do a full day of homeschooling. DH obviously isolating with me until results but he's working back to back. Today is also a working day for me. He's going to have to pick up some childcare slack because I currently feel like I've been run over by a train.

happymummy12345 Tue 19-Jan-21 05:48:49

I'm probably no help because 3-4 hours sleep a night is average for my husband and I. We go to bed around 3-4 and are up at 7ish with our 5 year old. Sometimes it's later when we go to bed. Or we have not gone to bed at all on many occasions. Because we are so used to little sleep we don't notice too much. When we haven't gone to bed at all I tend to just keep going to avoid the tiredness kicking in.

Sober4Summer20 Tue 19-Jan-21 06:03:13

I was in exactly this position yesterday. Zero sleep on Sunday night and a full day ahead of me. We decided to have a really busy morning. We started at 8am and were finished everything by 1 so we could have a much more chilled afternoon. Good luck! xx

Icanseegreenshoots Tue 19-Jan-21 06:22:41

I would aim for a strong coffee and a very good burst from 9-12pm. Lunch, movie time whilst you sleep. And an hour at the end when they read to you, and write a story about snow or something similar.

Plan, prepare and even cook supper at lunchtime whilst making lunch, so you don't need to cook later when you will start to feel tired. Get the dc into bed early and have a bath.

Mammyofonlyone Tue 19-Jan-21 06:34:52

Good idea to cook supper whilst making lunch, I may give that a go!

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Icanseegreenshoots Tue 19-Jan-21 07:24:14

Yes I do it often when I am absolutely knackered. I have an auto immune disease so have learnt a few tricks over the years.

Make dinner at lunch time and reheat
Clean the kitchen then, lay table for dinner
Make the morning the time to do everything
Put a treasure hunt of sweets or a few little gifts in the garden and leave them to run outside for an hour with a small bucket
Bath the kids at 4.30pm don't wait until you are really tired
Pull the curtains etc at the same time
Read bedtime stories whilst they are in the bath
Aim to be sitting down with kids in bed for 6.45pm

Icanseegreenshoots Tue 19-Jan-21 07:24:56

Good luck op! You can do this

Mammyofonlyone Tue 19-Jan-21 10:58:25

Have ironed, done some cooking and powered through maths. Phew!

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