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The milkman has just been!

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briebuiltthiscity Tue 19-Jan-21 01:58:04

It’s just before 2am am up in bed but not asleep and heard what I think is breaking glass outside. So I dash to the window.
Live in a small cul-de-sac and there have been a couple of catalytic converters stolen from cars recently and this I I’m going to catch a car thief in the act.

It’s a milkman doing a delivery! Is this the time they come now?!

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CoffeethenCrochet Tue 19-Jan-21 01:59:18

I thought more usual was 4am but maybe on a long milk round 2am is normal?

briebuiltthiscity Tue 19-Jan-21 02:01:05

It just seems so early! I used to have one and it was more like 5ish I think. May try and find out from neighbours who he is though, I used to love getting a bottle in the morning

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purplebagladylovesgin Tue 19-Jan-21 02:03:35

Ours comes silly early too. In fact it was so very early we thought we had intruders as the outdoor lights are on sensors. We got a ring doorbell as a result and then realised it was the milk float blush

briebuiltthiscity Tue 19-Jan-21 02:05:24

Oh not just me jumping to the burglar conclusion then! I thought I was going to be the hero of the road for catching the car thief’s in the act.

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OHolyTights Tue 19-Jan-21 02:10:04

Our milkman delivers very early, but not quite that early!

Maybe they are short staffed and business is booming because of the pandemic.

HeronLanyon Tue 19-Jan-21 02:12:13

Round here I have (had that is pre COVID) deliveries to restaurants and shops at all hours. Council bottle collections from said restaurants usually 3.00 pm crash. Street sweepers starting the day at around 5.00. Construction stuff waiting to start at 8.00 - vans/scaffolders from 7.00 on.
Once had newspaper delivered on subscription - came at 3.00 and made so much noise I had to cancel.
Most things quietened down in lockdowns. My insomnia doesn’t seem to have improved tonight though !

HeronLanyon Tue 19-Jan-21 02:12:49

3am bottle collection that should read !

briebuiltthiscity Tue 19-Jan-21 02:17:56

When I was very young I used to live on Brick Lane (if you’re not familiar with it - it’s sort of London’s “curry mile - so a long road with lots of restaurants).

The bottle collections, bin collections, sweeping etc was endless!

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grassisjeweled Tue 19-Jan-21 02:23:28

Actually on Brick Lane? Tell us more!

FloorLamp Tue 19-Jan-21 02:24:46

Mine sometimes comes before midnight.. It's totally random!

OHolyTights Tue 19-Jan-21 02:25:09

I could just eat a nice curry.

TiggeryBear Tue 19-Jan-21 02:29:34

My Dad is a milkman (yes! Really.) He usually heads to the depot around 11pm to load up & start his round for midnight-ish to get everyone's milk delivered for 7-8ish so it's there in time for breakfast/ before people head to work.
Try Milk&More if you're looking for a milkman.

covidaintacrime Tue 19-Jan-21 02:34:46

God shouldn't have read this thread, now I have a hankering for a load of curry and a glass of milk 😫

Clymene Tue 19-Jan-21 02:38:28

Mine comes before midnight but the o ky one used to come 3-4am. I have no idea why!

ncbby Tue 19-Jan-21 02:39:31

Bit jealous actually, I'd love a milkman. Seems quite sweet!
even at ungodly hours.

rainbowninja Tue 19-Jan-21 02:40:43

We stopped getting milk delivered because we realised they were delivering it so early it was starting to curdle by the time we brought it in in the morning 🤷‍♀️

Clymene Tue 19-Jan-21 03:33:26


We stopped getting milk delivered because we realised they were delivering it so early it was starting to curdle by the time we brought it in in the morning 🤷‍♀️

I have a polystyrene box the milk goes in @rainbowninja. It works well when it's warmer

WitchesBritchesPumpkinPants Tue 19-Jan-21 03:36:43

My friend got an email from her milkman today saying they were really struggling due to demand from lockdown & staff off isolating etc & that deliveries now might be through the night.

thosetalesofunexpected Tue 19-Jan-21 04:21:46

Hi Op
Glad it was not anything Sinister only the humble milkman doing his Grave zombie shift hours."
I am really Surprised that Humble Milk man/floats still operate though !
I thought they were extinct,something from a bygone eta" or a something"!
"Glad to hear that them milk men is still just about getting around" !

MangoM Tue 19-Jan-21 04:33:29

Ours usually comes around 2-3 am (pre covid too).

My mil's milkman used to come after 7, she ended up cancelling as she'd already have left for work by then and it would be sat there going off for 8 hours until she returned home.

Steamfan Tue 19-Jan-21 04:37:58

Ours comes at about 3am as well.

thosetalesofunexpected Tue 19-Jan-21 04:39:19

Hi Op
I think its quite charming quaint sight to see humble milk man floats service about.!
I never see them where I live.

I brought a book a while ago from works book store local one,all about the adventures of a milk men from different eras especially 1960s,
It was susprising entertaining quite interesting read, considering the subject Matter !

Book is a snap shots of the social history of UK, such as the local milk men floats were like an unofficial Neighbourhood watch type of scheme witnessing first hand attempted breaks ins or burglars running off or anything suspicious happening in the Neighbourhood and of course gentlemen that they area, would keep on eye out for elderly folk were ok and that etc.

PeggyHill Tue 19-Jan-21 05:14:50

I would also like to hear more from the poster who used to live on Brick Lane!

kateandme Tue 19-Jan-21 05:20:18


God shouldn't have read this thread, now I have a hankering for a load of curry and a glass of milk 😫

yyyes why am i now craving a glass of milk

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