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Oh my I’m so excited - just heard I’m getting matched with my assistance dog very soon!

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WellThisIsShit Tue 19-Jan-21 00:48:20

I’m soooooo excited!!!! I’ve been waiting, well, a long time and I can’t believe it’s actually happening. It’s like a dream come true. I literally cannot believe it’s happening! Not telling anyone in real life just in case it’s tempting fate... but I thought sharing on here is different and I have to tell someone, I’m So Excited, I just can’t hide it, as the song goes ha!

But now I’m scared too, an actual dog, me in charge of a dog, oh my god it’s really happening... I don’t feel ready! But I’m desperate and so ready at the same time!!!

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WildImaginings Tue 19-Jan-21 00:52:22

Amazing! So pleased for you.

DramaAlpaca Tue 19-Jan-21 00:53:03

Ooh, that is exciting!

Will you be doing some training with the dog? Do you know the breed - labrador maybe?

Good luck & enjoy your new companion when he/she arrives.

ineedaholidaynow Tue 19-Jan-21 00:53:15

So happy for you @WellThisIsShit.
Do you know when?

Greenandcabbagelooking Tue 19-Jan-21 00:55:03

That’s exciting.

Do you mind me asking what kind of assistance he/she will be providing? I know a few people who have trainee medical detection dogs.

WellThisIsShit Tue 19-Jan-21 00:55:11


Covid has messed everything up as you can imagine, and although it was supposed to be happening in March (after years of waiting!), it didn’t, which was awful.

But now apparently I’m at the top of their list, (top!) and there are three labs just at the end of their general training but they think one of those will be perfect for me.

Eeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!! Squeeeeeeeee!!!!

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SteveHarringtonsHair Tue 19-Jan-21 00:55:54

Oh some good news for someone at last!
So, so pleased for you smile

WellThisIsShit Tue 19-Jan-21 00:58:39

I know you’re not supposed to get attached to any breed as they say they look for the right dog not the right breed... but in reality it tends to be only a few breeds.

I was so hoping for a retriever as I love the silky fur but of course I’m over the moon with the idea of a lab ... my heart is totally crushing on labs now 😍

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Thelnebriati Tue 19-Jan-21 01:01:52

So are you going to change your username? grin

DangerHedgeHog Tue 19-Jan-21 01:04:52

I propose WellThisIsWoof!

RileyG73 Tue 19-Jan-21 01:05:19

Awesome!!!! Whoever they are I'm sure you will be best mates, what a life changer!!
Absolutely change your username to something more befitting smile

Update us soon, I'll keep an eye on the thread

WellThisIsShit Tue 19-Jan-21 01:09:00

I am a bit worried though, what if I can’t travel to meet him/her, to do the initial matching?

FYI the process is that they do an initial matching meeting to check that we will make a good team (basically that we like each other / the dog likes me and I’m falling head over heels I should say!). Then I have to say goodbye whilst they do the final training which is another few weeks (5-8weeks I think but a bit unsure, will have to look it up now I’m finally here!).

And then after that it’s the final journey when I go stay there to get trained myself before I get to take him/her home...

But now I’m stressing, on that first journey, will I get stopped or does this count as an essential journey?

Silly, Im probably jumping ahead as I don’t even know when it will be, still at least a month I think... so lock down might be different by then. But oh please I don’t want to have to wait longer...I will if I have to of course, but ohhhh, it’s just so tantilising!

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WellThisIsShit Tue 19-Jan-21 01:10:49

Ha ha, good point, not really befitting is it?!

Well this is... actually rather uplifting and life changing news actually! Hee hee

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grassisjeweled Tue 19-Jan-21 01:12:36

Huge news, wow! 💐 Any ideas on names?

nickyschof Tue 19-Jan-21 01:13:04

Congratulations. 😀

WellThisIsShit Tue 19-Jan-21 01:31:08

Anyone got any dog advice? I suddenly feel totally unprepared!!!

Tbh I remember feeling similar when I was pregnant with DS grin

It won’t be a puppy obviously, so I won’t have to do any of the usual puppy training tribulations... but still I suddenly feel like I don’t know anything about dog ownership, especially with a child (10yrs old).

Like, when I had a dog growing up we didn’t do crating stuff, and we lived in a big country house (vs me now in an small urban environment!), so the dog wasn’t allowed upstairs. Now, the dog will be allowed in my room definitely, and onto my bed as that will be part of his job (though on a special rug to save my covers in hoping)... but should I shut him away in the lounge so there’s no chance of him sleeping with DS? Or is that not something to worry about particularly?

I must admit I’m thinking of him as welcoming a pet into the house and what my rules would be then, mostly ... so I know I’ll be changing these plans when I get trained, but I’m keen to have some plans already... to get some basic dog knowledge at least!

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DangerHedgeHog Tue 19-Jan-21 01:38:35

I have always had dogs but never an assistance dog and working dogs are a lot different to pets. I presume that you will have lots of support to follow the advice and just get to know each other ...

There was a good documentary on netflix a while back about various american people meeting their assistance dogs and it was very interesting to see the process.

Do ask your questions about everything when you go or email some afterwards if you forget. Stick with the professionals - they have done this many times! Don't pay any heed to a bunch of internet randoms!

WellThisIsShit Tue 19-Jan-21 01:39:21

Oh that’s the slightly rubbish bit @grassisjeweled they come ready named, as s/he’ll be a young adult when I get them.

I hope it’s not a hideous name! I wonder if I could rename to something that sounded similar or something?

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DangerHedgeHog Tue 19-Jan-21 01:44:55

Netflix doc is called Pick of the Litter btw.

briebuiltthiscity Tue 19-Jan-21 01:51:38

Oh yes - Pick of the Litter is amazing if you have Netflix give it a go.
I don’t know much about assistance dogs - but am guessing they will be very well trained when it comes to sleeping arrangements, etc.

CoffeethenCrochet Tue 19-Jan-21 01:53:54

Yay! Happy news! So pleased for you OP, here's a biscuit for your new assistance dog biscuit and flowers flowers for you grin

I knew that biscuit option would be needed one day for a ddog on here grin our biscuit tin is always fully stocked for ddog.

WellThisIsShit Tue 19-Jan-21 01:54:01

@DangerHedgeHog oh I will try and find that documentary...

You’re right, I can’t wait until all the proper training, yay! But I’m also so excited and want to get as prepared as possible so I can make the most of the training, so if goes as well as possible, and I know all the questions I should be asking.

I have a feeling the process will all be a bit different due to social distancing and the Covid situation, so want to be super prepped - Swot-lady that’s me!

I want to get the flat prepped, and things like insurance and vets sorts too...

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CoffeethenCrochet Tue 19-Jan-21 01:54:51

And another vote to watch the Netflix documentary. Was really interesting to watch!

CoffeethenCrochet Tue 19-Jan-21 01:57:46

In the city we live in there's a lot of dog groups on Facebook. Very useful for vet recommendation etc. Would you need assistance dog insurance? Is that different to pet insurance? If not we use Animal Friends and have had good experience so far. Paid out fully on a big OP only 6 weeks after we bought ddog home from rescue. So lucky we had it from day 1!

briebuiltthiscity Tue 19-Jan-21 02:02:32

Actually dog groups generally are reallly good and supportive- I bet there must be one for assistance dogs.

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