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How far from your birthplace do you now live?

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DuckyMcDuck Mon 18-Jan-21 20:16:46

Chatting at work today and it came to light that of the 5 of us, 3 still live in the same town as they were born in.

I moved a lot as a child and (having used a distance calculator) have worked out I live 445miles from where I was born.

This is the one I used if you're interested in working your's out.

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MumOfPsuedoAdult Mon 18-Jan-21 20:19:11

5635 miles grin

LaTomatina Mon 18-Jan-21 20:20:25

1,300 miles

cherrypie790 Mon 18-Jan-21 20:20:38

About 5 miles grin.

EverythingsComingUpRoses Mon 18-Jan-21 20:20:38

About 60 miles

Close enough that I can travel easily but too far for my parents to pop in unannounced grin

Serena1977 Mon 18-Jan-21 20:20:46

10 miles from birth to now but brought up 40 miles away

PurePeppermint Mon 18-Jan-21 20:21:00

167 miles.

DH is 11,565 miles away from his birthplace!

Igglepigglesgrubbyblanket Mon 18-Jan-21 20:21:04

About 300 miles

DeeCeeCherry Mon 18-Jan-21 20:21:07

4,174 miles.

BadEyeBri Mon 18-Jan-21 20:21:26

100 miles

Paramaribo0 Mon 18-Jan-21 20:21:56

689 miles

Ilikewinter Mon 18-Jan-21 20:22:22

74 miles

hemhem Mon 18-Jan-21 20:22:31

Currently around 280miles away but used to live 4655 miles away!

Bonkerz Mon 18-Jan-21 20:22:52


Moved 107 miles from birth place back in 1999 then moved again 156 miles and settled 95moles from birth place and been here 18 years now

Aroundtheworldin80moves Mon 18-Jan-21 20:23:01

DH 75miles
DD2 95miles
Me 107 miles
DD1 426 miles

I thought DD1 would be further... There's the North sea and other countries in the way! (North Germany)

scubadub Mon 18-Jan-21 20:23:24

I live in the city I was born in but I spend over 13years living abroad. I only came back 2 years ago.

SpeckledyHen Mon 18-Jan-21 20:23:37

36.7 miles according to google .

heidbuttsupper Mon 18-Jan-21 20:23:48


mindutopia Mon 18-Jan-21 20:23:51

3488 miles. God, glad I don’t live there anymore. I’d be bored senseless.

dinosforall Mon 18-Jan-21 20:23:57

370 miles

FelicityPike Mon 18-Jan-21 20:24:05

Same place.

mortensmike Mon 18-Jan-21 20:24:13

About a mile

BoobyBetty22 Mon 18-Jan-21 20:24:25

5 miles 🤣

WhatWouldPhyllisCraneDo Mon 18-Jan-21 20:25:05

Same town, although a different area. I've never lived anywhere else.

Ithinkhedidit Mon 18-Jan-21 20:25:05


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