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I wish someone would send me a care package of comfy but work suitable clothes without me having to think about it

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ActonBell Mon 18-Jan-21 10:08:02

I’m recovering from emergency surgery following an ectopic pregnancy and starting to think about returning to work in a week’s time. I’m working from home - have been for nearly a year - because of the pandemic and I’m craving comfort at the moment because of everything that’s happened. I thought I would get a few new comfortable bits for work zoom calls to cheer me up but I’m just totally overwhelmed.

I hate online shopping. I wish I could just click a button once and a parcel of comfy warm, zoom-suitable clothes would just appear. Why isn’t that a thing? I know about those online personal shopper services but don’t seem targeted at the ‘I would like a comfy sweater that makes me feel a bit less crap’ market.

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reservoircats Mon 18-Jan-21 10:15:23

I know what you mean OP. I've been working from home since last February and probably only wear about 3 different semi-smart work jumpers whilst working because I just cba to go (can't even go out) online and find comfy yet smart clothes. Being pregnant as well I just wear tracksuit bottoms on the bottom but having to have video on for all teams calls i do get self-conscious. If it's any consolation I notice other ladies just seem to wear dark comfy looking clothes too.
Some online stores have ridiculous definitions of "office-wear" cough ASOS, which makes it even harder having to sift through all the stupid pink suits and inappropriate work tops to find something normal to wear.

ActonBell Mon 18-Jan-21 11:14:44

If I see one more tight synthetic puffy sleeved blouse...
(Photo of me sitting in my home office, wishing for my care package).

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BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Mon 18-Jan-21 11:17:27

I'm lucky in that my WFH involves one Zoom call a week. So the rest of the time I wear comfy rather than visually appealing. Even on the Zoom it's a plain jumper (still keep my leggings and slippers on tho).

user1471548941 Mon 18-Jan-21 11:21:38

If you have a reasonable budget get yourself on SweatyBetty. I have treated myself to several pairs of their All Day leggings which are stretchy and soft. I also have their Bamboo long sleeve T shirts which are soft and warm or the Easy Peasy top for something looser. These look like plain T shirts so absolutely fine for Zoom calls.

Every item I have bought is soft, good quality and makes me feel like I am wearing flattering clothes whilst still being cosy. If it gets a bit chilly whilst not on Zoom I have a few Superdry hoodies from their Ebay outlet with big fleecy linings that as feel like a bit of a treat to wear as they are SO soft. In the outlet they sell old stock for about £30 a hoody.

AnotherEmma Mon 18-Jan-21 11:26:11

Just buy loads from Hush?!

ActonBell Mon 18-Jan-21 13:52:03

I’ve never tried Hush - what am I missing? I’ll keep sweaty Betty in mind but I don’t think I can stretch to it right now budget-wise.

I’ve just got a few loose tops from Uniqlo and some leggings from Sainsbury’s.

I mostly buy clothes second hand/unwanted off eBay but I can’t face trawling through right now.

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MindBodyChocolate Mon 18-Jan-21 13:56:32

It’s not cheap but Baukjen does stylish jersey tops which are comfy and require no styling but look good. There’s always a discount code somewhere. M&S also have some nice bits in - check their cashmere and wool tops.

picklemewalnuts Mon 18-Jan-21 13:56:33

I got some pyjamas from BonPrix. Very inexpensive. I'm not suggesting you get pjs, but it's very affordable for basics.

Remember through zoom, the quality and detail isn't visible.

FaintlyMacabre Mon 18-Jan-21 14:00:49

I’m sure the actually stylish would shriek in horror but I am currently living in White Stuff dresses. Very comfortable, flattering, look smart and many of them have pockets!

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Mon 18-Jan-21 14:29:35

Dresses may be a good shout. I put tights on the other day with a longer tunic while working from home and couldn't get over how comfortable they were. I always associate tights and dresses with formal stuffy uncomfortableness.

AnotherEmma Mon 18-Jan-21 14:56:54

There seem to be lots of Hush fans on Mumsnet, I'm not obsessed but I do have a few Hush things that I like, including a 'comfy sweater that makes me feel a bit less crap' smile I prefer sweaters to hoodies (the hoods are annoying) and Hush do nice ones.

Jellycatspyjamas Mon 18-Jan-21 15:06:04

Gap do some long sleeved tee shirts which are fine for Zoom meetings and very comfy, I’ve got the v neck ones and they’re soft enough and loose enough. If you download their app there are good discounts too. I refuse to spend loads of money when I’m literally not leaving the house.

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