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How many tabs do you have open and what brightness is your screen?

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Donotdelete Mon 18-Jan-21 09:16:56

I’m asking because there are lots of memes mocking parents for having 30 tabs open and brightness at 100. I would like to say that I don’t but it might be a little bit true. So tell me, do you do this?

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ew1990 Mon 18-Jan-21 09:18:42

Nope one tab open and I have to have my brightness on the lowest it can go, I hate when my phone screen is really bright

lucysmam Mon 18-Jan-21 09:33:55

37 tabs & my screen is quite dark otherwise it's toi bright & gives me a headache.

Dd1 laughs at all my tabs but I forget how to find my favourites so it saves me having to ask her again grin

Seeline Mon 18-Jan-21 09:41:46

I have lots of tabs open because I am supposed to be working blush and need access to lots of documents/sites in order to write my reports.

I do use favourites a lot, but it saves time to keep tabs open whilst working on a specific project.

Brightness is quite low because for some reason if there is a large area of something dark on my screen (eg an annoying add) my laptop automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen which is really off putting if it set at higher levels of brightness. I have searched settings and cannot find anything that will turn this off.

Donotdelete Mon 18-Jan-21 10:11:53

I closed 13 this morning @seeline- prompting this thread grin

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LegendDairy Mon 18-Jan-21 10:17:45

I have two browser windows open, one of which is my working window which has 94 tabs open and another which is my personal skiving window which has 14 tabs open. Brightness is set to the lowest but I also have everything in dark mode or i've added a skin to the website if dark mode isn't available.

savanahnana Mon 18-Jan-21 10:44:45

4 tabs currently but more will appear over the day and screen is set to full brightness until it's night and I alter it to around half brightness

FenEel Mon 18-Jan-21 10:49:26

3 tabs at the moment - inbox, a project I want to read about later, and Mumsnet. It can get up to 10 or 12. I don't know how to check the brightness of my screen or change it!

MondeoFan Mon 18-Jan-21 10:51:48

18 tabs open and brightness half way

RaininSummer Mon 18-Jan-21 10:52:11

1 tab and brightness around 70%. I may gain a couple of tabs if I pull up a recipe for later but I always close them down as a habit.

bearlyactive Mon 18-Jan-21 10:53:27

Three windows - one for work, one for my voluntary work and one for non work. These have 12 tabs, 5 tabs and 12 tabs again respectively. Brightness currently on its lowest setting.

EssentiallyDelighted Mon 18-Jan-21 11:09:13

Phone - 2 tabs (often 4 or 5) brightness 50%. I dislike dark mode.

Laptop - 2 tabs (often 4 or 5, can be 10-12 depending what I'm doing) brightness 65%.

Donotdelete Mon 18-Jan-21 11:19:36

I think the summary would be some grain of truth in the amount of tabs but not in the level of brightness.

When I see my kids’ phones they always have 238 notifications on Snapchat, 22 unread texts etc. I can’t stand having the little red number so I would have to read them all or at least open and delete but they don’t even notice!

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ZZTopGuitarSolo Mon 18-Jan-21 12:36:43

When my kids show me stuff on their phones I have to increase the brightness to be able to see whatever it Is. And put on my glasses. It’s great being in your 50s...

SuperbGorgonzola Mon 18-Jan-21 12:39:27

Brightness about 30%. I hate having multiple tabs open and always have as few as possible. I use bookmarks and favourites for things I revisit a lot and I also delete them when I no longer need them.

DiscustinHunAmFummin Mon 18-Jan-21 12:41:41

92 tabs open on my phone blush

ThatDamnKrampus Mon 18-Jan-21 12:45:38

On my phone, currently 22 tabs open (often more until my phone loses it's shit) and brightness 100%. Guilty as charged!

I do often have to turn the brightness down though as it makes me nauseous and dizzy but I struggle to see normally if it is low brightness 🤷🏼‍♀️

Pogmaasal Mon 18-Jan-21 12:52:33

Yep, 20 tabs open but brightness down to the lowest. My kids are the ones who have the screen up so bright I literally squint and look away if they try to show me something as it hurts my eyes.
My eldest, 16, has more tabs than me open on his phone though and normally is playing on the xbox, has music playing on his tablet and is chatting on discord on his phone so 3 screens at once fairly often

JurassicShay Mon 18-Jan-21 13:11:47

2 tabs & at 30% brightness. My eyes are real sensitive to light. I'd really struggle to read anything if it was full brightness.

GavsCloakOfInvisibility Mon 18-Jan-21 13:14:41

5 tabs - 3 for work, MN and YouTube (on lunch break)

60% brightness. Have it preset for 9pm to go down to 30% to try to improve sleeping habits (rather than you know, just getting off the laptop!)

froggydoggy Mon 18-Jan-21 14:27:28

I just closed 54 tabs🙈🙈
My brightness is halfwayconfused

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