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Does anyone know anything about Tiger's Eye?

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GrubbyMcGee Mon 18-Jan-21 08:38:36

So I have a ring which I have had for years and worn a lot. I never really knew what it was, just liked the look of it. I have come to learn that the stone is Tiger's Eye which I have also learned has asbestos in it, or did have asbestos in it and this has now changed to quartz. Is it safe to wear? What is it gets knocked or cracked etc? Unsure whether to keep it now...

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Sheleg Mon 18-Jan-21 08:52:40

I didn't know this about asbestos! I have a tiger eye ring from my Nan.

GrubbyMcGee Mon 18-Jan-21 09:22:45

@Sheleg I'm assuming it must be safe or it would be banned from use in jewellery wouldnt it ... I have just learnt about it too though

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