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Have you ever met someone you felt was truly evil?

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Isisiris Mon 18-Jan-21 00:34:25

Inspired by a thread,not a TAAT. have you ever met someone and just known they were evil?
Or has someone you know done something you felt showed they were?
I'm suffering insomnia and this subject fascinates me.

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HazyJuly Mon 18-Jan-21 01:06:58

I once taught a child who murdered someone as a teenager.
I knew instantly which child it was who had done it (press reporting withheld name and only gave the age and the place- it was the only school in a very non mobile community).

Diddumz Mon 18-Jan-21 01:34:09

I had a bad feeling about I met at a social event. Seemed pleasant enough, but I found out afterwards I he was a convicted paedophile.

I worked for a woman who was dishonest, narcissistic, devious and cruel. She was outwardly charming, but abused so many people. A psychopath, I'm sure.

I've got a cousin who is a very wicked man. He's a serial conman and thief and has destroyed so many innocent lives. He has spent most of his life in prison. The worst thing he did was to clear out his eight year old nephew's bank account.

I was friends with a woman for a while. She was very cruel. More malicious than anything.

So, yes, I have met evil people.

BlueThistles Mon 18-Jan-21 01:58:17


Iminaglasscaseofemotion Mon 18-Jan-21 02:05:21

No. I know a lot of people who have don't bad things, but they're not evil. Either had a difficult life, suffered trauma, have poor mental health.

Dippysauceus Mon 18-Jan-21 02:05:46

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

tigerbear Mon 18-Jan-21 02:10:02

Not met as such, but on the way home from work one night when I was about 22, I walked past a lady sitting on a bench at the end of the street (it was around 9pm, and dark), and I immediately knew she was pure evil, it was totally instinctive. Something about her was all wrong.
I walked past, and as soon as I did so, she immediately stood up and began following me, directly behind.
I crossed a big main road, and so did she.
There was a petrol station on the other side, so I went in, assuming she’d just wander off.
No, she walked in right behind me.
As she hadn’t actually done anything, there wasn’t really anything I could say to the cashier to say I was scared, and this was pre mobiles, so I couldn’t phone anyone.

So I had no choice but to walk out of the petrol station, straight down a really long, quiet road, with her following, step by step.
I could hear her breathing, she was so close, and it felt like the kind of nightmare where you’re walking down a road but getting nowhere.
Eventually got to another main road and the station, so I absolutely legged it across, sprinted down to the trains, and jumped on.
Called the police when I got home, and they did a search of the area, but didn’t find her.

A few days later, we heard that a girl had been murdered by a man dressed up as a woman, about a mile from where I’d been followed. I’m convinced it was the same person.
Still feel shivers when thinking about it, over 20 years later!

Shaniac Mon 18-Jan-21 02:13:01

Interesting. Ive met bad people but i honestly dont know if i have ever met a truly evil person.

HowOnerous Mon 18-Jan-21 02:14:22

Bad yes, but not evil, thankfully - tigerbear you gave me the shivers!?

2020canfuckitself Mon 18-Jan-21 02:17:42

I've met nasty people yes but evil, no I don't think so

tigerbear Mon 18-Jan-21 02:25:29

@HowOnerous it still terrifies me now to think about it!

peachypetite Mon 18-Jan-21 02:41:59

@tigerbear that is terrifying.

thosetalesofunexpected Mon 18-Jan-21 02:45:04


Why do you think Ops username and Post Thread is not genuine then?

Do you realize how popular True Life Crime Tv series and fictional TV Drama series are then?

There are a,lot of normal people who are fascnited by this Genre etc.!😕

thosetalesofunexpected Mon 18-Jan-21 02:50:12

Hi Op
Very Thought Provoking interesting Post Thread !


Do you realize how popular True life Crime Documentries TV shows are then?
Think of Netflex streaming channel amongst others ones etc..😕

Leobynature Mon 18-Jan-21 02:55:48

I worked in children’s social services and I can only describe it as pure evil what some people do to children. There are a few cases which still keep me up at night

thosetalesofunexpected Mon 18-Jan-21 02:57:25


You sound like the fuzz police copper or something related to that !😕
How very intriguing

Redsquirrel5 Mon 18-Jan-21 03:43:24

I haven’t met but I was standing opposite a man, who was in a small group, who made me feel really uncomfortable and his eyes were piercing but also dead. When my husband came back with our drinks I asked if we could move as there was something about this man that made me shiver.

He was arrested for murder about a fortnight later.

He was in the pub drinking with his friends when he had just murdered a young woman the night before. She lived two streets away from my daughter. We had gone to pick DD up from Uni for Christmas. I was quite shaken for a few weeks. When I saw him on TV I realised what the feeling was- evil. I can still picture him and it was his eyes that still piece me.

PoppiesinOctober Mon 18-Jan-21 03:51:22


There is something about your username and this question that makes me think this thread may not be legit.

Someone literally started a thread a few hours ago, regarding whether people think evil exists, so stop trying to troll hunt.

Also, placemarking.

AwaAnBileYerHeid Mon 18-Jan-21 06:11:40


There is something about your username and this question that makes me think this thread may not be legit.

What do you mean?

MummaBear4321 Mon 18-Jan-21 06:20:58

I am a teacher and I taught one boy who backed me into a corner and threatened to kill me one day. I think I had asked him to put his phone away. I knew from the look in his eyes that he was 100% serious. He would genuinely have no problem doing it. I have taught thousands of students, but he had this genuine evil about him. Naturally, he was back in my class the next week with a slap on the wrist and a smug face.

Peppafrig Mon 18-Jan-21 06:22:36

Yes I do I normally get a bad feeling about someone it usually turns out right .

HeronLanyon Mon 18-Jan-21 06:25:41

red bloody hell !

blobbyface Mon 18-Jan-21 08:20:29

Years ago dh and I had dinner with friends. They had invited another friend. I really didn't feel comfortable near him. He gave us a lift home and when we got back I said to dh that he gave me a really creepy feeling.
About 2 weeks later we heard his name on the radio - he'd killed himself after police had discovered lots of images of children in his home.

Sway19 Mon 18-Jan-21 08:26:26

@tigerbear it’s a shame you couldn’t have stood up to him/her when you made it into the safety of the petrol station. Very unfortunate if it was the same person to have committed the murder

Isisiris Mon 18-Jan-21 09:04:05

@tigerbear that is so terrifying! And that it wasnt actually a woman.. narrow miss and made me shiver too.

Having seen the post quoting the deleted ones, I've not used this username on here before but it is a very old username of mine and I've been on here for years.

Thanks to all who stuck up for me/this thread. I hear that we sometimes get this feeling because we've seen a very subliminal action from the person, too subtle for our eyes to notice,but our senses still register it. We should listen to our repressed senses even if we know we havent actually 'seen ' anything.

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