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Why are so few wearing masks?

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StoneBasket Sun 17-Jan-21 21:43:24

I live in a major city and when I went for a walk today I saw loads of people. I'd say only 1 in 10 was wearing a mask. Mask wearing was the exception not the norm. I felt a bit of a pillock in my homemade effort. Why so many without?

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HalleLouja Sun 17-Jan-21 21:44:34

You don’t need a mask outside at the moment. Unless they change the rules.

dementedpixie Sun 17-Jan-21 21:45:07

There is no requirement to wear a mask outdoors

OrigamiOwl Sun 17-Jan-21 21:45:41

Were these people inside or outside?

If they are outside that kinda answers your question, masks aren't mandatory in the open air.

devildeepbluesea Sun 17-Jan-21 21:46:16

I don't wear a mask outside. Because, you know, it's outside.

wellthatsunusual Sun 17-Jan-21 21:46:28

Outdoors? We haven't been advised to wear them outdoors, that will be why.

If it's indoors then I think you're very unlucky. It's once in a blue moon that I see someone without a mask in a shop or whatever.

BestWatcherInTheUnit Sun 17-Jan-21 21:46:35

You don’t need a mask outside. There’s no evidence that it has an impact on transmission, unlike inside.

SquirtleSquad Sun 17-Jan-21 21:46:39

Maybe you'll find more people wearing masks in the Coronavirus topic board wine

Robbybobtail Sun 17-Jan-21 21:47:11

I always wonder why people are wearing them outside! I assume they must be vulnerable or have high anxiety levels.

00100001 Sun 17-Jan-21 21:47:29

Why would you expect to see people wearing masks outside?? confused

Hotcuppatea Sun 17-Jan-21 21:47:40

I really don't understand why some people are wearing masks to walk down the street. Chris Whitby has confirmed that the risk of catching anything from passing someone on the street is miniscule.

OverByYer Sun 17-Jan-21 21:48:24

You don’t have to wear them outside. Jog on.

FlibbertyGiblets Sun 17-Jan-21 21:48:45


Echobelly Sun 17-Jan-21 21:51:27

Yes, they don't have to be worn outside, though for those rolling eyes at people wearing them outside, I tend to put mine on at home before walking to the shops (which are very nearby), because I know it's good practice to put it on ASAP after washing hands, so that may be why you see some people wearing them. They may also be going to more than one shop and so not want to take it on and off.

thefirstmrsrochester Sun 17-Jan-21 21:55:09

You don’t need to wear them outside although it is advised if it is difficult to socially distance when in an outdoors environment.

lljkk Sun 17-Jan-21 21:57:00

The transmission risk outdoors from spending < 1 second < 2m of someone else is too low to measure.

I also wear mine when I'm Qing (outside) else I will forget to put it on when I reach the door. And in cold weather I don't mind wearing it between shops, too.

cariadlet Sun 17-Jan-21 22:06:42

Although we aren't being encouraged to wear them outside, it does make sense if you are unable to socially distance or if you are going to several shops (so that you aren't taking the mask off and on without washing your hands).

I sometimes wear mine walking to work or walking home; it's very quiet at the times I'm walking but has been bloody cold lately.

caringcarer Mon 18-Jan-21 02:30:35

I hardly ever go outside now, but when I do I wear a mask. It may not be a requirement but if everyone wore one when in public space, as other countries do, then we would get rid of Covid quicker.

VashtaNerada Mon 18-Jan-21 03:10:36

In other countries it is compulsory to wear them outside so it’s not quite as strange as some people are making out! It also depends on where you live and how easy it is to avoid others when you’re out and about. I think compliance with mask wearing is increasing generally. When I get the tube it’s about 70% which is still far too low but a big improvement on last summer.

Topseyt Mon 18-Jan-21 03:18:55

In the UK we aren't required to wear masks outside. Only in shops and other indoor public areas and on public transport.

I do not wear my mask outside. I am surprised that some people do, but personal choice I suppose.

Tavannach Mon 18-Jan-21 03:23:59

They're the pillocks,

00100001 Mon 18-Jan-21 14:28:32


I hardly ever go outside now, but when I do I wear a mask. It may not be a requirement but if everyone wore one when in public space, as other countries do, then we would get rid of Covid quicker.

No we wouldn't.

Many experts will tell you that wearing a mask outdoor has a negligible effect on reducing the spread.

Otherwise we would be advised to wear them outdoors...

00100001 Mon 18-Jan-21 14:29:16


They're the pillocks,

Why are they pillocks for not wearing masks outside?

Almostslimjim Mon 18-Jan-21 14:38:38

We aren't required to wear them outside but if you are adhering to proper use of your mask, you should put it on (as you enter your first indoor place) and then not remove it until you exit your last indoor place - so should wear it in between shops for example. Unless you are using a new mask (or freshly washed) in each shop. This is because once out of the bag/ pack/ pocket you should not touch it once in position except to remove it to dispose or wash it as you risk transferring the virus on to your hands, pocket, bag etc.

So if people were wearing them correctly, I would expect to see more people in a town centre wearing them between shops.

Almostslimjim Mon 18-Jan-21 14:39:09

Otherwise we would be advised to wear them outdoors...

Some countries do.

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