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Pressure cooker recomnendations

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Halfwreckedbykids Sun 17-Jan-21 13:17:26

Hi there.
Hoping someone will have words of wisdom for me.

I have a small pressure king pro.
Its exhausted and i need to replace it.
Its way too small at about 3ltr.

Now i m not sure what to go with next.
Can i do small portions about 3ltr in a 5 or 6 ltr one?

I love the king pro, i dont know any different to be fair. The pot on the king pro is a bit battered now but is that par for the course....or is it?

I dont need a posh one, i m used to using them now and easy clean is the main thing.

I use mine every day sometimes twice.

Any recommendation are so appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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