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Anyone had a lump under their tongue?

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Coffeeandaworry Sat 16-Jan-21 23:40:34

My GP said it's not concerning looking and to contact her in a few weeks and update if its grown.

I just can't leave it alone! Possible it's been there ages and I've just noticed, but I can't help but feel anxious. Anyone had anything similar?

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Biscuits25 Sat 16-Jan-21 23:42:54

Yup! Had it for years, I just ignore it

Coffeeandaworry Sat 16-Jan-21 23:56:40

Like mine biscuits?

I hate being told to report if it's bigger. All day I'm 'checking' if it feels bigger blush

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Biscuits25 Sun 17-Jan-21 00:10:41

It's literally exactly the same, same side too! I've always assumed it was a gland or something. I'll try and take a picture but I'm in bed, 2 secs...

Elouera Sun 17-Jan-21 00:10:52

Yes, I've had maybe 3 over the last 10 years. Mine was more blister like and round. Noticable as something new, but would always go within weeks of feeling it. I happened to have one when I saw the dentist one time about something different.

Dentist did a test with a special light which seemed a lot of extra cash at the time. I had to go through a load of questions- alcohol intake, lifestyle, smoking history etc. He then referred me to a specialist at the hospital. It took maybe 4mths to see the specialist. The actual blister thing had completely disapeared about 2 weeks after I found it, and the specialist rolled his eyes and basically blamed dentists for sending wrong referrals to him all day!!!!

OP- it could be a blocked salivary gland. Are you considered high risk for anything sinister? Older age, long term smoker or drinker? Have you had similar before? I find it really difficult to ignore any issue in my mouth. My tongue seems to creep towards the issue without me noticing and its such a nuisance. (burnt roof of mouth, rough tooth, ulcer etc).

Hopefully its something simple that goes very soon x

Biscuits25 Sun 17-Jan-21 00:14:02

Tried to get a picture on selfie mode but I think I need a mirror. I'll take one in the morning for you.

MrsEricBana Sun 17-Jan-21 00:16:11

Wouldn't have thought it was anything to worry about, but if you are concerned / it doesn't go, it's dentist not GP you need to see as dentist is mouth expert. It's probably just a blocked gland and will just go. Hope it's gone soon.

flatpack1 Sun 17-Jan-21 00:19:16

I had exactly this Christmas day. It went down overnight and appeared again Boxing day. Went down again and hasn't come back since. I also wondered if it had been there all the time but I'm sure it wasn't. Wait and see op it may just disappear.

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