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Did anyone here ever go on the 'hippy trail' in the 1970s?

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Kendodd Sat 16-Jan-21 22:38:26

I know youd have to be very old now.

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Kendodd Sun 24-Jan-21 11:23:46


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Hippywannabe Sun 24-Jan-21 12:21:01

I didn't but I read a brilliant book called Love Dad by Evan Hunter which is a bit of a coming of age story involving the Hippy Trail. Loved it.
Years ago, back in the late 80s, I worked ina travel agency and went on an educational visit to Pakistan. We went on a rrip up into the mountains through all theae little villages with shops in huts. As we slowed down, I looked in one and there was a white man with bright ginger hair in his early 30s selling pots and bags. We had one of those eyes meeting moments (he looked stoned!) and we drove off. I have often thought about him and wondered if he was an American or European who had done the Hippy Trail and stayed and if his family were still in contact or if they hadn't, if they wondered about where he was.

ladypete Sun 24-Jan-21 13:14:52

I thought this was going to be a question about The Serpent grin

Kendodd Sun 24-Jan-21 15:05:04

It was actually inspired by watching The Serpent. I read about the hippy trail afterwards. What an adventure to have gone on. I've also rewatched Race Across the World recently to plan my own trip smile

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Nandakanda Sun 24-Jan-21 15:14:30

I tried it in the early 1980s, but the Iran-Iraq War got in the way as did a highly unstable situation in Afghanistan, so I had to fly some of it. Made it to Kathmandu before the era of cheap flights/internet by rail, sea and road. It was still a great experience.

The proper hippy days were long gone though, and it was more backpackers.

GreekOddess Sun 24-Jan-21 15:25:58

No too young but it fascinates me. I was a backpacker in the 90s and liked to kid myself that I was on the hippy trail as I followed the same route that every other 20 something was following whilst drinking too many Singha beers down the Khao San Road.

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