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Not so snug...sofa

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Notsosnug Fri 15-Jan-21 20:48:02

I’ve just bought a snug sofa and I’m really not finding it comfortable 2 days in. They have a 30 day free return which I’m considering but the reviews all seem so good I don’t know if I’m being unreasonable in my comfy demands...has anyone else got one of these? What do you think?

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Fatherbrownsbicycle Sat 16-Jan-21 14:23:51

Bumping because I want to see what others think. We need a new sofa and they look lovely and have great reviews. In what way is it uncomfortable?

ApolloandDaphne Sat 16-Jan-21 14:26:35

Can you post a picture of it so we have some idea what style of sofa it is?

Sboncen Sat 16-Jan-21 14:29:40

If it is a Snug Sofa, they are not cheap. Return it.

Notsosnug Tue 19-Jan-21 08:30:13

@Fatherbrownsbicycle the bottom cushions keep slipping forward so have to push them back a lot and the back cushions tip forward. It’s also quite creaky.....

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Notsosnug Tue 19-Jan-21 08:30:39

@ApolloandDaphne it’s a Snug sofa. The Rebel one

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jobsagudden Tue 19-Jan-21 08:34:04

We were just thinking of buying The Rebel, glad I've seen this, I would send back if the cushions keep moving forward. The customer service isn't great from what I've found.

Namealreadyinuse1 Tue 19-Jan-21 13:24:10

We have one and our cushions do slip forward a bit but I must admit I find it very comfortable, nice and firm. Our main reason for buying was the fact we could get it down the cellar stairs in the boxes!!

Chewbecca Tue 19-Jan-21 13:26:50

If it’s not comfy and has a money back guarantee which covers this, then I would certainly send it back.

goodinacrisis Mon 08-Feb-21 16:17:13

I've been looking at these. I don't necessarily need a sofa in a box but I like the shape and colours of these.

Should I be put off?

Also, I think there is a discount to be had if someone refers me. I'm not sure what you get out of it but anyone whose bought already willing?

Meruem Mon 08-Feb-21 16:22:56

As someone who is stuck with a sofa I detest (not a snug one) send it back. I wish I had returned mine while I had the chance and looking at the price of yours, you don’t want to make the same mistake as me!

spiderlight Mon 08-Feb-21 16:56:31

Send it back. We tolerated an uncomfortable sofa for six miserable months and ended up having to donate it to charity and fork out for a new one (which we tested extensively in the shop) when we couldn't take it any more.

NellesMamma Tue 09-Feb-21 21:51:03

We love our Snug Sofa, it's a little more firm but that's why we chose it, the pocket springs just make it feel really good quality and we much prefer it to the foam-filled cushions which don't give as much support. PS It did get softer over time, I remember them telling us this when we bought it too. smile

addicted2spaniels Tue 09-Feb-21 22:11:15

I work in the trade OP and that is not a sofa that is going to last.

Send it back!

coronafiona Tue 09-Feb-21 22:13:31

@addicted2spaniels would you recommend certain brands? I've discovered nabru online but don't know how good the quality is?

Plonkysaurus Tue 09-Feb-21 22:14:46

We just got 2 snug sofas and they are firm, but not slipping at all. We're quite a floppy household too, not a single one of us is capable of sitting normally on a sofa. I'd say yours sounds a bit dodgy and maybe worth a phone call!

SirVixofVixHall Tue 09-Feb-21 22:15:58

I had an Ikea sofa that did this, it was pretty expensive for Ikea, and the cushions slipping forward all the time was incredibly annoying. Ours was the sofa bed version , my friend has the normal one and hers doesn’t do it at all, so it was a design flaw.
I would return, they need to sort out the shape so that it doesn’t slide so badly.

addicted2spaniels Tue 09-Feb-21 22:28:49

As a rule of thumb, you need a solid hardwood (beech) frame, and a mesh top spring unit. These are your most important components, and will last at least 20 years of wear. Anything else on top (cushion fillings) are fairly simple to change/replace but with good quality fibre or feather you'd expect 10 years of wear at least. And choose a fabric with a high martindale test (rub) - something over 30,000. Polyester blends tend to be the stain resistant ones, whereas you'll pay more for natural fibres like cotton or linen.

Something like Tetrad or Duresta will last for decades, and you just recover every 10 to 15 years. Or go to a local upholsterer who will make you one similar at a lot less cost (which is what we do!). Failing that, buy good quality second hand and pay to recover. When we refurbish, we strip to the frame and replace everything upwards.

NellesMamma Wed 10-Feb-21 20:21:12

The snug sofas have a Martindale test rating of 40,000 and are hardwood frames so ticked every box, we made sure the quality was up to scratch before we committed and haven't regretted it! smile

Nomorescreentime Wed 10-Feb-21 20:29:12

I bought one last November and we like cushions slipping. It is firm, but has softened slightly. It was the only one we found that was the size and shape we wanted so I’m glad we like it!

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