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I just want a meal out

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MoonCheesy Fri 15-Jan-21 20:30:25

It's only just half way through January and obviously lockdown but I so so so want a meal out. I'm fed up of my house, I'm fed up of cooking and I'm fed up of 2021 already.

I want a decent steak or a delicious Thai meal or even just breakfast pancakes will do.

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Moonbabyskalimba Fri 15-Jan-21 20:37:22

I know. It sucks. Are any of your local restaurants doing takeaway? We had one from our favourite Turkish restaurant last week. Menu has stayed the same

MoonCheesy Fri 15-Jan-21 20:44:46

I'm not sure about this lockdown. I live in a town but it's mainly Indian curries for take away which the last one I had wasn't great and it's put me off. Turkish would be a very welcome treat.

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Mindymomo Fri 15-Jan-21 20:46:12

Me too, not been in a proper nice restaurant since February last year. Went to pub on holiday last September. Fed up with cooking the same meals. I have DH and 2 adult DS’s at home, so we get through a lot of food. I don’t know what food I am missing most, but to just sit and be waited on with some wine would be great. We have a takeaway each week, paid for by my eldest DS, which is great and I really enjoy this.

Thatwentbadly Fri 15-Jan-21 20:47:33

Me too. ECV so we haven’t eaten out inside somewhere since February. Even then it’s tricky as DD2 is allergic to lots which limits what I can eat. I would settle for a take away if I could find one suitable.

MarcelineMissouri Fri 15-Jan-21 20:47:46

Yes I know exactly what you mean. We used to just go out to pizza express most weeks as a family. We went right before we moved to tier 3 at the start of the month but it already feels like a million years ago. I love going out to eat sad

grapewine Fri 15-Jan-21 20:48:26

I hear you. No takeaways close to where I live. I'm fed up with being at home, even though I know it's necessary.

dollydarling Fri 15-Jan-21 20:48:59

I never want a coffee in a paper cup ever again.

iklboo Fri 15-Jan-21 20:50:52

I agree. We usually go for a Burns' Night supper at a restaurant near us - the food, entertainment & ambiance are brilliant. I was thinking of doing our own version but it won't be the same.

MoonCheesy Fri 15-Jan-21 20:52:48

To be given a menu and to choose something and it be brought to my table with a delicious drink and then to have dessert... Ooo that is the dream.

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fairydustandpixies Fri 15-Jan-21 20:53:34

Me too as well! Live alone and have got to the point of not bothering - got up this morning and felt really unwell and realised I hadn't eaten for the past two days 🙄

Dreamingofvenice Fri 15-Jan-21 20:55:40

Me too! To pick whatever I want and not have to wash up....

ceeveebee Fri 15-Jan-21 20:56:37

There are lots of restaurants doing delivery of “cook at home” boxes where they send you partly prepared meals, most are nationwide delivery, will link to the thread

StillGoingToWork Fri 15-Jan-21 20:56:41

I miss be waited on!

I have a variety of "haunts" near me and I miss them.

ceeveebee Fri 15-Jan-21 20:57:17

isseys4xmastinselcats Fri 15-Jan-21 21:24:20

same here not just the going out for a nice meal served to me and no washing up but the having the choice to say sod not cooking tonight lets go out and being as i work at TGI fridays if the restaurants were open i would be at work in the morning and not stuck in my house all day and night day after day i cant wait to go back to work as i like my job, i get my state pension in 18 months and at this rate i will go back to work in time to give in my notice to get my pension

user1493413286 Fri 15-Jan-21 21:27:17

Me too; I looked at local restaurants doing take seats but I don’t want to spend £12 to eat a burger in my kitchen and have to wash up after. I want to get dressed nicely, sit in a restaurant and drink a glass of wine while I look at the menu and order a pudding that will make me too full while having a glass of wine that I’ll regret later on.

speakout Fri 15-Jan-21 21:31:38

I can appriciate that, but many of us have been in tier 4 for several months now before lockdown.
No meals out since September here.

QueenZoopla Fri 15-Jan-21 21:34:10

Same here. Sick of cooking. Sick of takeaways. Sick of the 'prep it yourself at home'.
Tbf, sick of the whole bloody thing!

Spud13 Fri 15-Jan-21 21:36:21

Meanwhile I'm holding people's hand as they die from covid and you want a meal out FFS, this is what is so disheartening about the current situation. Talk about a first world problem!!!!

userxx Fri 15-Jan-21 21:58:29

@Spud13 People are allowed to miss things that were once very normal to them, it is allowed.

HermioneWeasley Fri 15-Jan-21 21:59:59

Restaurants here were only open for a brief period. We made the most of it, but I miss them and hope they’re able to reopen.

boobswife Fri 15-Jan-21 22:00:38

It may be a First World Problem to you , but it is a REAL problem to some people. Do you tell people struggling with their mental health to 'give yourself a shake' or 'pull yourself together' . Thought that HCP's would be a bit more empathetic.

modgepodge Fri 15-Jan-21 22:04:08


Meanwhile I'm holding people's hand as they die from covid and you want a meal out FFS, this is what is so disheartening about the current situation. Talk about a first world problem!!!!

I literally only read this thread to see how long it would be until someone came along to say this. First page!

OP - me too. It sucks 🙁

katienana Fri 15-Jan-21 22:05:49

In September I bought a pair of black suede ankle boots with heels.
They are unworn. Not one opportunity to wear something only slightly dressy.
Just want to get dressed up, go out, see all the 18 year olds getting pissed and be a bit wistful but ultimately relieved that I'll be home by midnight.
Or go the shops with my mum and have lunch at Zizzis using tesco vouchers.
Or go to the coast and be allowed to have fish and chips indoors.
Or have a long dog walk then settle in a cosy pub for a Sunday dinner.

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