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Collagen supplements- do you take them? Do they work?

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BigButtons Fri 15-Jan-21 09:37:04

Has anyone had results using collagen?
Better skin/ hair/ nails?
Are there brands to avoid?
Is it all a bit emperor’s new clothes?
If they work I would get some 🙂

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Thisendsnow Fri 15-Jan-21 13:07:32

I use a collagen powder everyday.
I know a lot of people don't believe in it being useful but it's worked for me and isn't overly expensive so I'm happy to carry on.
My skin has a nice glow to it, evened out toned and generally 'fresh faced', hair is much stronger too. Haven't noticed much to my nails bit that could be due to manual work.
The thing I noticed the most was less aches and pains, reading up it mentions that it can be good for joints so I put it down to that.

I buy 2 tubs in the Holland and barret penny sale and that tends to see me through until the next sale comes along.

I guess even if it is a placebo it's working for me grin

Thisendsnow Fri 15-Jan-21 13:09:20

My current one is marine based, the veggie ones aren't any good at all apparently confused
Just something to consider if you're veggie or vegan.

BigButtons Fri 15-Jan-21 13:39:55

A while back I bought some- huge bag of bovine stuff. I hated it so much it made me gag when I drank it so I stopped. I am feeling achey though and could do with a bit of a 'glow'. Might try the H&B stuff- am passing a shop today.
Perhaps it was just the brand I have. Do they all taste horrible?

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Thisendsnow Fri 15-Jan-21 18:45:07

Mine doesn't have any flavour at all it's by Bioglan in a white tub with pink on it- I just throw it in any liquid i'm having that day i.e mixed through my porridge, yogurt, juice, coffee etc. and does the trick

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