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What was your school nickname?

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Gingaaarghpussy Thu 14-Jan-21 21:49:02

My maiden name was kinchin. You can imagine the nicknames, although they didn't last because I was very adept at ignoring people until they said my actual nam.

SpringIsSprung1 Thu 14-Jan-21 21:41:34

Sparrow legs!

KeeefBurtain Thu 14-Jan-21 21:38:25

Lucifer (my name is lucy)

Goth in the 90’s

HalfShrunkMoreToGo Thu 14-Jan-21 21:30:09

Fat controller
Four eyes

I didn't enjoy school much due to all the horrible little bastards who seemed out to constantly torture me.

StillMedusa Thu 14-Jan-21 21:22:30

Tufty (that outs me) due to an unusual surname. Pretty sure that if you asked any of my class mates from back then they couldn't tell you what my actual name is!

CMOTDibbler Thu 14-Jan-21 21:22:09

I've never had a nickname

wonderwhatshappening1978 Thu 14-Jan-21 21:19:23

Mini (surname)

Yup, I'm tiny

GlobeUs Thu 14-Jan-21 21:11:09

@jumperweather I gave my nickname to friends, not asshats, but I had similar - it has quite an impact. I am sorry you went through that too.

jumperweather Thu 14-Jan-21 21:10:04

Dyke sad

Because I was overweight and shy, and if someone asked me out I thought they were joking.
I also looked at my friends boobs once - cos they looked great! - and that cemented it 😩

I'm not though, but it was hard when I was 13/14/15 and didn't know if was gay or not.

Violetparis Thu 14-Jan-21 21:08:25

Titch, I am small.

GlobeUs Thu 14-Jan-21 21:07:32


I am now Dr Dumbass.

Sparklingbrook Thu 14-Jan-21 21:05:33

Didn't have one.

peak2021 Thu 14-Jan-21 21:01:08

Only one?

Shandan35 Thu 14-Jan-21 20:59:04

We all had one

Mine was custard head , blond hair joke.

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