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Dippy eggs?!

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TheDiceWoman1 Thu 14-Jan-21 20:55:50

Please help! I can never get the damn things right. Anyone got a fool proof way of doing them?

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Fatherbrownsbicycle Thu 14-Jan-21 20:57:41

Into boiling water for 6 minutes. Never fails

MidnightHangingTree Thu 14-Jan-21 20:58:16

I bought an egg boiler on Amazon. It's amazing.

bellagogosdead Thu 14-Jan-21 20:59:28

Colour changing plastic egg thingie.

ArmsClary Thu 14-Jan-21 20:59:43

Don't keep them in a fridge.

Depending on size, I usually boil for 3 mins. That is, put into water and bring to the boil then time from that point onwards.

AnyFucker Thu 14-Jan-21 21:01:41

Take out the fridge half hour before

Use extra large eggs

Put into just off boiling water and simmer 5 min. Plunge into cold water immediately


Janaih Thu 14-Jan-21 21:01:50

Put eggs in cold salted water. When it starts boiling rurn down to simmer and put toast on. When it pops up take eggs out and put in cups. Butter your toast then chop lids off eggs.

SimonJT Thu 14-Jan-21 21:02:25

I do a medium egg for four minutes and 15 seconds for a good dippy egg.

Retrievemysanity Thu 14-Jan-21 21:03:46

I do the same as @AnyFucker but I don’t put them in cold water at the end.

IhateBoswell Thu 14-Jan-21 21:04:57

Aah, mine and DP’s favourite argument. My method is room temperature eggs, put in pan of cold water and turn heat up full, then once boiling, timer on for 3 minutes, take them out.

TheDiceWoman1 Thu 14-Jan-21 21:05:28

If it helps I don't keep my eggs in the fridge!

Are you guys using a pan with a lid or not?

I had the water boiling before I put them in, then put the lid on for 4 minute. Came out with a bit of watery stuff inside 🤢

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RandomMess Thu 14-Jan-21 21:05:31

You don't boil you simmer

mindutopia Thu 14-Jan-21 21:06:16

We have an egg steamer (like a kettle for eggs). Like £15 and perfect every time.

mindutopia Thu 14-Jan-21 21:07:48

Like this:

Prufrocks Thu 14-Jan-21 21:07:49

I didn’t realise people kept their eggs in the fridge.

Op I set a timer for 5 minutes and put them into boiling water. No fuss.

AlwaysLatte Thu 14-Jan-21 21:07:52

I don't keep eggs on the fridge. Into boiling water for 4 and a bit minutes (size medium). My son loves them!

AnyFucker Thu 14-Jan-21 21:08:37

No lid.

Op, 5 mins, not 4 if you start with (nearly) boiling water. But don't use boiling water as it will crack them.

AlwaysLatte Thu 14-Jan-21 21:09:06

(Rolling boiling water rather than fiercely bubbling)

IhateBoswell Thu 14-Jan-21 21:09:55

I don’t use a lid.

OppsUpsSide Thu 14-Jan-21 21:10:55

I put 4 in a small pan straight from the fridge, bring to the boil, time for 1 min 30, firm white dippy yoke!

IhateBoswell Thu 14-Jan-21 21:13:03

Straight from the fridge for 1:30? They can’t be cooked!

yvanka Thu 14-Jan-21 21:22:38

I got an egg cooker from Aldi, I think it cost £8 and has changed my life! Perfect eggs every time, whether you want dippy or hard.

Merename Thu 14-Jan-21 21:26:38

This is hilarious, there’s barely a consistent answer amongst the lot!!

ProfessorInkling Thu 14-Jan-21 21:29:18

I do 4.5 minutes in boiling water. Not from fridge. Yum.

WhatsMissed Thu 14-Jan-21 21:30:48

I keep mine in the fridge. 5 mins small egg, 6 very large.

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