Poorly dd. Drs not helping. Advice please

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AndddddHerewegoagain Thu 14-Jan-21 07:02:01


This is long so apologies in advance. Sorry to post in chat but im getting desperate and meeting a brick wall with drs.

Dd born May 2020 was initially breastfed but then I became very poorly so moved her over to formula so i could receive treatment

May-October she was on stage 1 cow and gate no issues

October- HV advised hungry baby milk as she was over the 100% centile. Changed her over around 2 weeks later she develops a chesty cough and diorrhea.

Beginning of November- Has a course of antibiotics and then HV advised she could be allergic to the milk. At this point she is 6 months so move her onto stage 2 cow and gate

For 2 weeks no diarrhoea/ chesty cough/ began weaning without issue

End of November chesty cough returns- only at night but no diarrhoea. Dr says over phone just viral (covid test negative) will go on its own

31st December coughing at night only asthma pump prescribed. Used for a week. No difference to cough. Diorrhea restarts. Change back to stage 1 milk out of desperation, diarrhea stops within 48 hours but cough remains (night time only)

Then 7th jan. Reach breaking point on dd coughing and crying all night (coughing herself sick) still no temp but dr sees her and prescribes antibiotics.. cough leaves and no diarrhoea

12th Jan. Last day of antibiotics Starts to get diorrhea again. Poo is so acidic it instantly breaks the skin and she is so sore, crying every time she wees. Smothered her in metanium and also sitting her on a towel with no nappy during waking hours.

Today- diorrhea has increased, literally just wet farts every half hour/ hour so tiny amounts of poo. Diet hasn't changed from past 2 weeks where she didn't have diorrhea and also her chest started to sound wheezy as i was putting her to bed so no doubt within a week we will be back to the night time chesty coughs.

Have an appointment with the dr tomorrow where i will request allergy testing but can anyone please help in the interim.

Also well done if you made it to the bottom of this

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Yogaposer Thu 14-Jan-21 07:08:09

No advice on the medical issue, sorry. But I hope you can get it sorted it sounds awful.

ThatDreamSheep Thu 14-Jan-21 07:15:27

Have you tried a formula without cows milk?

Phillipa12 Thu 14-Jan-21 07:17:03

If its a brown inhaler they take weeks for the steroids to build up in the system so you really won't see a difference in just 1 week. Have you asked the drs for a prescription milk to completely rule out cmpa and with solids use dairy free and I mean religiously use dairy free. My youngest had cmpa which only became apparent when weaning, he was breastfed but I don't eat much dairy and one of his main symptoms was diarrhea. He also is asthmatic although pre 2 they call it viral wheeze. When he was a baby everytime he came down with a slight sniffle it went straight to his chest and for the first 18 months I lost count of the amounts of croup he had.

worksleep Thu 14-Jan-21 07:18:19

Ask the doctor for a trial of a formula without milk proteins. I hope things get better for you soon. thanks

justanotherneighinparadise Thu 14-Jan-21 07:18:33

I agree, the doctor can prescribe a non dairy baby formula and try and press forward with the allergy testing.

theantsgomarchin Thu 14-Jan-21 07:20:04

The obvious suggestion would be to request formula without cows milk protein, eg similac alimentum or similar


theantsgomarchin Thu 14-Jan-21 07:24:57

Important to remember it's not dairy free or lactose free you need, it's cows milk protein free. It's vvvvvvvvv.rare for babies to be lactose intolerant, but vvv.common for babies to have an allergy to the protein found in cows milk, so you can get prescription only milks where the protein is broken down in a way that allows for these children to digest it. There are two types of cows milk protein allergy, Ige and non-Ige (immediate and delayed) - immediate would be things like vomiting, rashes etc, and delayed would be reflux, constipation/diarrhoea etc. It's possible to have both, but only immediate (Ige) would show up on an allergy test, so unless she is vomiting or has a rash immediately after consuming dairy then it's unlikely to show up on an allergy test or blood test. The only way to know is by eliminating dairy entirely and seeing if the symptoms go. Then reintroduce slowly using the milk ladder.

Whatwouldscullydo Thu 14-Jan-21 07:26:56

I would ask a dr to prescribe a carton of formula fir babies with CMPA/CMPI and see if that helps.

Symptoms sound pretty similar to dde as a baby right down to the poo burning her bum . I was up fir ages most nights with sterimar spray clearing her nose she was congested all the time.

The drs will come up with a gazillion excuses not to prescribe it as its 30 quid + a tub but I would keep pushing. It won't harm her and if it doesn't work you can speak to them again.

If, she is allergic to the milk remember that 50 percent t of those allergic to the cows milk protein also react to soya so I would avoid soya in the weaning food fir now.

AndddddHerewegoagain Thu 14-Jan-21 10:31:15

Thanks everyone. Appointment is 2pm so will ask about the milk and referral to allergy clinic.

It was the blue inhaler she was prescribed @Phillipa12 should i ask about the brown one?

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Whatwouldscullydo Thu 14-Jan-21 17:20:01

How did it go op

Welikebeingcosy Thu 14-Jan-21 17:28:39

I'm not a medical professional but I made it to the bottom. It sounds pretty stressful for you OP, I hope you can get to the bottom of it. It dies sound like allergies if the symptoms have been pretty consistent. Wishing your DD a speedy recovery. Xxx

AndddddHerewegoagain Thu 14-Jan-21 18:01:56

Dr was lovely, has put in an urgent referral to pediatric allergy clinic. Hasn't put dd on alternative milk as she says she doesn't know enough about it but hopefully clinic will phone tomorrow with advice and an appointment next week.

Thanks everyone for the advice. Its really appreciated

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