Another Recipe Thread - Easy Lamb Rogan Josh

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EternalOptimist7 Thu 14-Jan-21 00:04:26

I’ve googled some recipes but would appreciate any recommendations for fairly simple Lamb Rogan Josh. Can be in the slow cooker.

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EternalOptimist7 Thu 14-Jan-21 01:16:19

Anyone up?

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EternalOptimist7 Thu 14-Jan-21 09:44:09


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EternalOptimist7 Thu 14-Jan-21 12:59:07

Anyone around? Other curry recipes welcome too

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KarmaNoMore Thu 14-Jan-21 13:01:09

Love Rogan Josh, but have no recipes, just tagging along to keep your thread alive (and hopefully get a recipe smile)

SoggyBiscuitss Thu 14-Jan-21 13:04:44

We made the pinch of nom lamb rogan Josh and it was AMAZING
Made it a few times since

ProperVexed Thu 14-Jan-21 13:04:48

I open a jar....( not helpful but easy)


youngestisapsycho Thu 14-Jan-21 13:04:49

look on website below.. some really good recipes on there. I use it all the time

EternalOptimist7 Thu 14-Jan-21 22:45:04

Soggybiscuitss how do I find the pinch of nom recipe?

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VeniVidiWeeWee Thu 14-Jan-21 22:49:48

There's this new thing called Google........

Beecham Thu 14-Jan-21 22:53:11

Don't use a slow cooker unless you don't mind eating tasteless mush. Careful with the cut of lamb too - use shoulder or leg, and slow cook in the oven.

EternalOptimist7 Thu 14-Jan-21 23:01:29

VeniVidiWeeWee I did say in my OP that I had googled recipes. It’s just good to have personal recommendations as well.

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Weesweetiewife Thu 14-Jan-21 23:27:51
I know it's not lamb, but it's beautiful

youngestisapsycho Thu 14-Jan-21 23:39:25

If your slow cooker meals are tasteless mush... it’s not the slow cookers fault! grin

132orbust Thu 14-Jan-21 23:43:57

That looks yummy @Weesweetiewife
I'm suddenly feeling hungry...

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