Day to day what's helping you through this?

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wouldloveajob Wed 13-Jan-21 22:38:12

Single parent here, struggling like most people are. Kids are with me full time and I am doing my best, but feeling so incredibly hopeless, especially if they are to be off school until Summer term or even Sept.

How are you getting through every day? We try to walk every day but they only manage 30 mins, still quite young. I'm feeling myself spiralling downwards and hopelessness has set in. I know everyone is feeling it but if any of you are doing well please share HOW! Any little strategies or mindset methods that keep you feeling well?

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Ohalrightthen Wed 13-Jan-21 22:40:52

My daughter. She's just 1, so she has no clue what's going on, and she is changing So Much every day that i have more than enough to think about with little chance to obsess about Covid.

Ohalrightthen Wed 13-Jan-21 22:42:44

Pressed send to soon - I'm finding that keeping my view super myopic is helping me not become too overwhelmed - I'm ignoring the big picture and focusing on the good bits in my little slice of life. It does mean that I'm forcing myself to be excited by a brand new pair of socks, but digging deep for minor victories is making a big difference.

GraciousPiglet Wed 13-Jan-21 22:44:16

There is just no way they will be off till Sept. Think positively. You got this ☺️

EyeDrops Wed 13-Jan-21 22:54:55

Just trying to take pleasure in the small things! Little moments - scented candles, cup of tea in a nice mug with a bit of chocolate, a nice blanket. Small treats ordered online every so often. Little luxuries!

wouldloveajob Wed 13-Jan-21 22:57:15


There is just no way they will be off till Sept. Think positively. You got this ☺️

Some teachers have been told by LA to plan for school closure until Sept, so it's obviously a serious possibility.

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wouldloveajob Wed 13-Jan-21 22:58:01


Just trying to take pleasure in the small things! Little moments - scented candles, cup of tea in a nice mug with a bit of chocolate, a nice blanket. Small treats ordered online every so often. Little luxuries!

I need treats! I don't know what to buy though! Never had this trouble before smile

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GraciousPiglet Wed 13-Jan-21 23:21:46

I also work in a school. Our LA is not planning on this. It won't happen. I assure you.

We are vaccinating. Chris whitty said we could expect 'normality' by the autumn. By that he meant actual normality. Not just not being in lockdown. Schools will be the first thing to reopen as soon as the virus is back under control somewhat. There is no way they will wait until September.

Anyway I'm not going to argue with people about it, I'm just trying to be a little voice of positivity as when it's hard at home and we are all struggling it can be hard to see the light. But see it we must.

Valkadin Thu 14-Jan-21 03:37:16

Xbox gamespass, I was an eWorld earlier today, great escapism
Board games inc on FaceTime so MIL can play

ioffernothing Thu 14-Jan-21 03:59:45

The lack of choice other than to keep going.

MsChatterbox Thu 14-Jan-21 04:13:08

Having a really nice dinner planned gives me something to look forward to. Also when I get really down I do a big task in the house - like yesterday I was down so pulled all the bedroom furniture out and cleaned behind it all. Helps me to feel like I still have control. Unfortunately this means my son got parenting by TV for a couple of hours!! And my baby became a backpack 😂

Silkiechickscat Thu 14-Jan-21 04:29:12

My kids and my husband and our pets, 2 silkie chickens, 1 cat and an indoor rabbit and living in a lovely thatched cottage.

Having things to do - home eding my youngest who has SN and needs me full-time, lots of work on house and a house sale, maybe about to fall through though.

Netflix, Discoveryplus and Below Deck - just watching random fun things to escape.

Sticking to the nice threads on MN and keeping in touch by e-mail with few friends.

Takeaway Chinese, lots of hot chocolate with real chocolate and frothy milk. Knowing everyone supports each other in the village and seeing the lovely things people are doing on the village Facebook.

Learning new things with the remote learning and researching things for DS. Lots of lovely food. Realising how lucky we are to have each other and a nice home in a nice village rather than dwelling on things going wrong (no income for me, rising bills). I try to keep up learning about different countries and their experiences and tourist things for when we can travel again.

HermannlovesPauline Thu 14-Jan-21 05:13:32

Biscuits, Mumsnet, walks outside, the park, a couple of takeaway coffees a week, being organised in terms of meal planning and cleaning - doing these on set days helps me to feel “normal” , the distraction of work.

I bought a hayu subscription and watch lots of crap trashy tv - real housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules are my faves.

Also jigsaws, painting some of our mismatched furniture (with frenchic - highly recommended ) Boozy calls with my mates, we’ve also got a dedicated coronavirus support group on WhatsApp that has a rude name and mainly we send memes and jokes.

Finally, every night when I get in bed i congratulate myself on completing another day where everyone is warm in their beds, I haven’t been sacked or murdered anyone and we are another day closer to the end of this nightmare.

anewlifeawaits Thu 14-Jan-21 05:50:45

Well I've had a really bad week of insomnia and then really struggled to wake up and be properly motivated during the day the last few days.

Felt in a real whole of crap.
Gave my head a wobble earlier and then out of the blue a situation arose last night that resulted in me asking dh to move out shock

Needless to say it's nearly 6 am and I haven't been to bed or sleep yet today.

I now need to focus and drag myself through the day but keep busy and help the dc with home schooling.

I've made a list of things I need to do to get me moving during the day.

I've already binge watched two box sets in the last two weeks but I have signed up to two online courses and have dabbled but not settled into them yet so il be doing them in the evenings.

ZooeyS Thu 14-Jan-21 05:53:04

Not drinking at all is helping me so much - it’s reduced my anxiety and means I have more time in the day; pretty helpful with home schooling and a ft job. Yoga and running definitely benefit my mental health and give me some feeling of control. Long baths. Chocolate. More chocolate.

I’m also not trying to expect too much from me or my dd - if she’s reading and doing some maths each day and not spending every single waking minute attached to a screen, that’ll do for now.

AiryFairy1 Thu 14-Jan-21 07:49:41

Practising gratitude and focusing on the things we have and not things we don’t. Sounds a bit trite but after a few days of it, I really felt lighter and more positive.

Onedropbeat Thu 14-Jan-21 07:51:28

Just wine

wouldloveajob Thu 14-Jan-21 08:16:28

I'm loving these responses, thank you.

I haven't been sleeping since the school closure was announced.

Last night I had to drive out to get a bottle of wine (amongst other essential purchases!)

Think I'll take the pressure of us all today and just have a more relaxing day, but make a list and a plan for going forward.

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