What's is on your to do list for tomorrow?

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Shandan35 Wed 13-Jan-21 21:26:08


Go to work

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TheDuchessofDukeStreet Wed 13-Jan-21 21:28:50

Make a shepherds pie
Late shift on surgical ward
Home, dinner, bath, cuddle cat, bed.

QforCucumber Wed 13-Jan-21 21:32:05

Drop little at nursery,big at school. Work. Colldct both. Home. Eat tea cooked by dh. Prepare for more work the next day. Shower. Sleep, be woken up 5 times by little. Rinse and repeat.

Sulusu Wed 13-Jan-21 21:32:37

Make banana bread

Try to resist eating entire banana bread in one afternoon.

MysweetAudrina Wed 13-Jan-21 21:34:20

Yoga, work, more work, shout at kids to do their work, more work, sleep.

NovemberR Wed 13-Jan-21 21:34:22

Sleep. Lie on sofa.

I have post Covid chronic fatigue and that's probably all I will manage. sad

Honeyroar Wed 13-Jan-21 21:37:13

Do the horses.
Dry off.
Walk the dogs.
Dry off.
Have another go at baking (not great so far!)
Make a curry.
Put the horses in.
Dry off.
Take my mum her dinner and spend an hour there.
Make our dinner
Light the fire.


CupboardOfJoy Wed 13-Jan-21 21:37:22

Drop car at garage
Walk dog to the beach
Cut DH's hair
Mountain of legal paperwork
Walk dog at beach again
Collect car (hopefully)

Barkleyspaubles Wed 13-Jan-21 21:38:02

PT at dawn via zoom. Teach on Teams, supervise homeschooling x 2, some housework, moan at husband for not being 'able' to supervise homeschool and do housework while at home too, walk dogs, more teaching, emailageddon, teaching, food.... bed.

QueenPawPaws Wed 13-Jan-21 21:38:56

Work 9-6, cook a halloumi pasta thing I've seen and that's about it!

GlobeUs Wed 13-Jan-21 21:41:05

Cook for my Foxes

itsgettingweird Wed 13-Jan-21 21:41:30

Sort ds out for home learning, write him list for day.

Go to work. Text ds to remind him to read list (he's autistic and struggles to,know what to do out of routine)

Come home from work and read through and help ds I more I've/correct what he's done.

Make dinner.

Supervise ds exercise and physio.

Shower PJs and death on paradise.

Collapse in bed exhausted grin

PomegranatePip Wed 13-Jan-21 21:44:02

Exercise with kids
Home schooling tasks
Breakfast / dog walk
Tidy up
Deal with snacks / home schooling issues
More work
Organise lunch & dinner
Muck around with DC/ sit down with a coffee/ take a break
Dinner & chores
Work 2-3 hours
Walk dog

Splann Wed 13-Jan-21 21:44:17

I think I would cry if I made a list sad

weegiemum Wed 13-Jan-21 21:47:13

Make aubergine chilli for dinner.

Make broccoli and Stilton soup for lunch (using up last of the Christmas cheese).

Have zoom lunch with a good friend.

Try to encourage dd2 to do some work for her college course, she's really struggling to motivate herself as it's a practical course (beauty therapy) and she's having to do it all at home).


GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Wed 13-Jan-21 21:47:47

Go to work; try not to catch Covid in a workplace with an increasing number of cases
Get home, take dogs out for training/exercise
Do some housework
Do training bits with puppy (sit, and retrieve a rabbit skin dummy in the hall)
Conjure dinner out of leftovers
Knit some more of DD's sock and watch last part of binge-watched series on iPlayer
Go to bed
Cuddle DH

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Wed 13-Jan-21 21:49:37

I think I would cry if I made a list
I used to feel like that when my DC were small (several of them, and quite close together).
Sometimes I made a list of what I'd done as I went along, and it really made me feel productive. Sometimes I find one of those lists and I am boggled at how much I did, day in and day out, to keep the show on the road.

1lumpor3 Wed 13-Jan-21 21:53:53

Work from home
Home school child
Exercise bike

Chimeraforce Wed 13-Jan-21 22:05:15

Work from home 9 to 3. Pay lots of people their weekly wages amongst other duties.
Listen to DD online learning.
Unload washing machine
Cook roast dinner cos I want to
Go for a walk
Mop kitchen floor

Muchtoomuchtodo Wed 13-Jan-21 22:08:50

Go to work.
Back from work - shower
Cook tea
Do laundry
Get out for a run if I can motivate myself.

harknesswitch Wed 13-Jan-21 22:09:46

DD's birthday tomorrow so pressies and cake in the morning, work and then KFC take away for tea

H1978 Wed 13-Jan-21 22:10:38

Wash our bedsheets
Homeschool dd3
Prepare roast for dinner
Clean internal doors
General everyday vacuum and dusting
Wash wheelie bin (depending on weather)
Go through kitchen cupboards and recheck shopping delivery for Friday
General everyday vacuum and dusting
Go for daily walk

MargaretHooper Wed 13-Jan-21 22:11:37

Take my over 80 years old parents for their Covid vaccinations. Big day!

GalesThisMorning Wed 13-Jan-21 22:13:00

Entertain small child so husband can work
Entertain small child so husband can work
Decorate cake for older child's birthday
Dont whinge or moan at anyone and ruin birthday
Drag small child on walk while husband works
Birthday tea (Domino's)

eurochick Wed 13-Jan-21 22:14:43

Print homeschool worksheets
Deal with backlog of around 50 work emails plus whatever turns up tomorrow
Draft some fairly complex legal submissions
Review work done by junior and give feedback
Upload homeschool work
Browse camera lenses as my present to myself for my birthday later this month

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