Anyone else got a rebounder/mini trampoline?

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TeddyUrsa Wed 13-Jan-21 19:28:11

Just wondered how you found it. I've just spent err quite a lot of money on one and would love to hear thoughts and how to get best out of it

Thank you

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Unobtainium Wed 13-Jan-21 20:12:51

Yes. I love my rebounder with a passion. I started off with Paul Eugene mini trampoline workout on youtube (the graphics are appalling and the video is pretty old) BUT he is so encouraging and enthusiastic that it makes you want to do it. The first time I couldn’t manage all the moves for the whole interval and by golly if my calves didn’t protest the next day! I love it though, it’s the most fun I’ve had working out and the only thing I’ve stuck with apart from running (slowly and not very far).
Since Paul did his video the rebounder has soared in popularity and there are any number of videos on YouTube ranging from 3-minute tasters to an hour intense cardio. You can also do strength exercises on it as by having to balance you engage your core more.
I understand for some people rebounder exercise can be a challenge where bladder control is concerned. It’s not an issue for me but is worth knowing in advance.
The bouncing reminds me of being a kid and when exercise was fun because it was for the sheer joy of it. I find myself hard pushed to not smile after a rebounding session. Paul wears trainers on the video I have referred to but I find barefoot is better as you really get to flex your feet when barefoot, and in later videos Paul is barefoot so I guess he copped on too 🙂
I hope you really enjoy it!

Unobtainium Wed 13-Jan-21 20:15:05

Oh and I suppose some tangible results would also be useful.
My fitness has massively improved. I can now do 2 30-min videos back-to-back, feel much better generally when I bounce, am happier after I’ve bounced, and have toned up by doing it. Especially bum and legs.

redfernsydney Wed 13-Jan-21 20:17:34

I would urge you to take it easy and build up really slowly..I hurt my lower back by not building it up.

WeirdWomble Wed 13-Jan-21 20:18:20

I used to use one a lot a couple of years ago. Got really fit on it but sadly it caused a prolapse so please be careful OP.

TeddyUrsa Wed 13-Jan-21 20:23:53

Thanks for the responses - and I'd not really considered the potential bladder issues so thank you for that particular heads up! I was - in my usual fashion- going to fling myself into it head first (bit literally) but I'll approach slowly and build up.

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