Coroner wanting body back for more tests?

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ScottishStottie Wed 13-Jan-21 19:09:11

I know ive been posting a bit about this but trying to support dp in the sudden death of his mother, and trying to find some knowledge that none of us have over what is normal at various points of it all.

So MIL died suddenly, coroner did examination, gave provisional cause of death and allowed body to be released to funeral director, with biopsy results pending before official cause of death, but that can be 12 weeks so able to organise and have funeral before then, based on provisional cause of death.

Was contacted today by funeral director to say that coroner wants body back, to do more tests. No idea if this is normal or not??

Phoned coroner to ask what was going on amd was basically told that they did a covid test which they were fully expecting to come back positive (it was negative, we told them this was not likely to be positive) so hadnt done proper toxicology biopsies.

So now the test is negative, they want the body back to do the proper tests.

Is it just me or is this totally shit?? No idea what is normal and what to expect, but it seems to me that theyve cut corners, hoping to put it down as a covid death, and now have to actually do their job.

Im in shock about this, but dp and family are accepting it as normal. So probably wont rock the boat if im right to be annoyed, but surely this isnt normal procedure? Theyve said that the funeral date thats in place probably wont be affected.

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ScottishStottie Wed 13-Jan-21 19:34:18


Really have no idea what is normal or not, first time for any of us dealing with this.

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Palavah Wed 13-Jan-21 19:46:32

I'm sorry I have no advice here, I just wanted to offer some sympathy for how rubbish this is. Is there anything on the MOJ website?

ScottishStottie Wed 13-Jan-21 19:56:02

Thank you. Is that the department that deals with deaths and investigations? Theres no suspicious circumstances, post mortem is due to the fact that it was sudden and she was on her own when she died.

Its partly difficult as its a bit of chinese whispers going on. Coroner is in touch with mil's partner, which is her next of kin. All fine. But hes obviously very upset atm, so messages are not being picked up as detailed as they should be, and it always feels like we are possibly missing info or explanations. And then you cant pry to much and quiz him when hes off the phone as hes understandably upset.

Its just difficult all round atm, so not good to have this extra stress on top of it all.

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Palavah Wed 13-Jan-21 22:32:17

Her Majesty's Coroner is part of the MOJ, from what I can make out.

What does the funeral director say?

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