Low carb is changing my life.

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cheeseisthebest Wed 13-Jan-21 18:59:37

Posting this in chat as hoping it will be helpful.

Bit of backstory- I was diagnosed with high blood sugar and pre-diabetes several years ago. The advice then was just to cut down on sugar which I did and saw an improvement.

Couple of years later I went back to Doctors as I felt hungry all the time, high blood sugar and pre-diabetic again. The advice now was to cut out sugar and carbs.
I've tried and tried over the past couple of years but finally something has clicked.
Since 1st Jan I've had no carbs or anything sweet. This is a massive deal for me, I'm working at home, stressful job and homeschooling and food has always been my comfort and I just love sweet stuff.

However I feel full, so I'm eating less, I've lost almost 4lb, my mood is more stable, I dont think about food constantly. I'm enjoying treats like cheese and cream (in moderation!) I'm really hopeful that I've finally cracked this.

I'm not sure why its different after so many attempts but I really dont want to end up with a serious health condition (type 2 diabetes) that is one of the few health conditions that you can have control over.

Just wanted to share in case this is helpful to anyone. smile

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cheeseisthebest Wed 13-Jan-21 19:00:58

Sorry by control over I mean its reversible through diet and exercise and I would be an absolute fool to become diabetic through my own lack of control.

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grassisjeweled Wed 13-Jan-21 19:03:06


I'm a low carbing and it is honestly life changing. Total game changer.

Not sure if you used the bootcamp on here? Vital resource for support and recipes

TheFlis12345 Wed 13-Jan-21 19:05:27

DH and I went low carb and sugar last year and for the first time in my life, I don’t yawn and feel tired in afternoon meetings.

PaperMonster Wed 13-Jan-21 19:06:08

Well done! I’m low-carbing too. Have been doing it just over two years, but sadly this last test had me just in the Diabetic range but if I hadn’t been following a low carb way of eating, I think my blood sugars would be much higher.

cheeseisthebest Wed 13-Jan-21 19:08:02

Yes that is true I'm not as tired. Hadnt thought of that! Yes have signed up to the current bootcamp.
Oh that's a shame paper monster, how high was your blood sugar?

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cheeseisthebest Wed 13-Jan-21 19:10:12

I do think some of it is down to genetics as well, both my parents are pre-diabetic and my mum has very little sugar and is slim.

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Whenwillow Wed 13-Jan-21 19:11:39

Me too! Feels amazing! I want to shout it from the rooftops too!

TheRattleBag Wed 13-Jan-21 19:13:09

I should really look at doing low carb, but I think I'd miss bread too much.

And having tried (briefly) in the past, I struggled with the lack of crunchy things - it's probably easier in better weather when you're more inclined to fancy a salad/raw veg!

Are you following a particular plan, or just making it up yourself?

cheeseisthebest Wed 13-Jan-21 19:13:10

Yes that's how I feel! So happy with the weight loss! A stone to go and I will be happy.

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WishITookLifeSeriously Wed 13-Jan-21 19:13:43

Well done! Could you give some examples of what you're eating, as I find it difficult to not include a carb in a meal. Although don't miss them when they're not there iyswim.

cheeseisthebest Wed 13-Jan-21 19:16:29

So today I didnt eat until half 12, had 2 poached eggs and smoked salmon.
Then for dinner I had homemade veggie meatballs with a homemade tomato sauce, courgetti (instead of spaghetti) and some green beans.
Its mad because I used to be starving as soon as I woke up but eating later and later now.
You need to have lots of protein and enough fat to fill you up.

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cheeseisthebest Wed 13-Jan-21 19:17:06

I am stuffed. Might have some nuts later.

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Toomanycats99 Wed 13-Jan-21 19:17:46


I've reduced carbs rather than going completely carb free. One nice mean I link is pancetta and mushroom fried then boil a small amount of spaghetti and then add courgette to the water at the last moment (I just grate it) with a sprinkling of cheese


I had a diet plan and key to it was having plenty of fibrous veg - broccoli spinach courgette etc.

I miss carbs way less than I expected. I am also trying to combine it with 16:8

Goldensunnydays81 Wed 13-Jan-21 19:18:39

Oh me too, I have got type 1 diabetes and my sugars have been awful the last few months, have dramatically reduced my carbs just from veg but no potatoes and have managed to reduce my insulin with meals by a lot and have had pretty much consistent blood sugar levels, I’m loving it and like you say having loads more energy and I’m not feeling as hungry either. Have lost 3kg too in the last 2 weeks smile

Toomanycats99 Wed 13-Jan-21 19:19:23

Another nice other one is a sausage cassoulet. The fast 800 cookbook has some good low carb receipes in.

I also make chips from celeriac / parsnip / carrot when I want the sensation of having potatoe.

mumofone2019 Wed 13-Jan-21 19:20:01

I love low carb. Stumbled across a talk by Dr Jason Fung and it changed the way I think. I use low carb and intermittent fasting and am over 2 and a half stone down and finally feel like ive cracked it after years of yoyo dieting.

GeorgeMichaelsEspadrille Wed 13-Jan-21 19:22:05

I feel sooooo much better low carving.

Less anxious, more focused, nicer to be around, more energy, less achey, less snuffly, less farty, sleep better..... I could go on.

GeorgeMichaelsEspadrille Wed 13-Jan-21 19:22:41

Carving not carving!! Clearly doesn't help spelling...

GeorgeMichaelsEspadrille Wed 13-Jan-21 19:23:04

Nooo - arghhh!!

Jaypreen Wed 13-Jan-21 19:23:24

What if you have high cholesterol? Is a low carb diet advisable then?

Madhatterhouse Wed 13-Jan-21 19:23:33

@mumofone2019 another advocate of Jason Fung here. In the last seven months I’ve gone from 11.5st to 9.5st and husband has lost a whopping 6.5st.

cheeseisthebest Wed 13-Jan-21 19:26:41


What if you have high cholesterol? Is a low carb diet advisable then?

I guess you would avoid a lot of eggs, cheese and cream? Would be harder for sugar but yoghurt would be ok?

I've upped my water intake and going for walks.
Homeschooling has been really trying this week and I'm amazed I've not buried my head in chocolate ice cream.

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PaperMonster Wed 13-Jan-21 19:28:50

@cheeseisthebest it was 50. I developed insomnia last year, so thinking that’s pushed it up as it can play havoc with your blood sugars.

supercee Wed 13-Jan-21 19:29:47

Planning is key, especially in baltic weather. I hadn't thought of what I was having for dinner (I'm doing IF and Fast 800-ish) and my appetite has taken a dip after one week in, which is usual for low carbing. So all I had to make was a mozzarella and tomato salad. Lovely on a nice summer's day, when it's just about to snow outside not so much.

Today has been the only day where my resolve has weakened a bit and thoughts of wine have crept in, but that's because I wasn't prepared.

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