Council hasn't bothered responding to my housing appeal? Advice please!

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Laughlivelove3002 Wed 13-Jan-21 17:31:07

Hi so basically my house has been sold by the landlord and she have me a notice to leave (may 5th) so the council has put me into silver banding, however ...

The landlord has been trying to sell the house for the last 4 years putting and pulling the house off the market, I've had viewing and even through the pandemic it's just made me feel really anxious and depressed all these years off feeling threatened with homelessness, my doctor suggested I speak to the council and wrote me a doctors letter as medical evidence about my anxiety and stress. The council explained that there decision was to put me into bronze banding because the house at this point has not been sold yet and my medical need wasn't bad enough to be in silver banding.
So I appealed this decision and made a appeal explaining that my stress and anxiety could be decreased if I was to move, this was made on the 23rd off September. I was told to expect a long wait as they where very busy with appeals. We are now in January I rang them last week and the women on the phone was confused as to why I haven't had a reply, so she rang me back and said after speaking to the appeal office who reviewed it and she thought the appeal would need to be appealed again as I was already on a silver banding. I explained why have I not been told about this and they haven't even bothered to respond to me. The women on the phone agreed and even said I could have possibly been rehoused by now if she would have responded to me. She has made a complaint for me to the appeals manager, what do you think I should do just let it lie or take it further? Thing is my doctor has put my sertraline up to 150mg last week because off my anxiety due to the eviction so to think that I could have been rehoused by now is really frustrating

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unlimiteddilutingjuice Wed 13-Jan-21 17:37:23

I would guess the council is being super flakey because everyone is working from home. Ours is the same right now.
I would put in your own complaint and contact your MP. Ask for confirmation of the Silver Banding in writing and ask them to clarify what the next steps are.
Are they supposed to make an offer of housing or are you meant to be "bidding" or expressing interest in properties?

Laughlivelove3002 Wed 13-Jan-21 17:50:18

hi, i am meant to be bidding

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unlimiteddilutingjuice Wed 13-Jan-21 18:28:52

Email to the council saying something like this:

"Dear Sir/Madam,
Please treat this email as a formal complaint-
Further to our telephone conversation on (date) I understand that my appeal was successful and that I have been placed in Silver Band. I am disappointed not to have been informed of this decision before now.
Obviously I have missed the opportuinity to bid on properties.
Can you please now send me confirmation of the decision in writing?
Can you please also activate my account/send me a log in (or whatever your council would need to do...)to allow me to start bidding on properties.
As you can see, I have cc'd this email to my MP

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