Anyone with Stabilisation splint for tmj

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dane8 Wed 13-Jan-21 16:36:33

As anyone got one?
Does it work for you, no pain ?

I’ve been to dental hospital and they more or less past me onto orthopaedic at hospital (bad neck pain )
From call today from dental hospital
I explained what happened last time there
And told her that I had seen a tmj specialist (who originally worked at dental hospital but now gone private)
He charged £140 for a thorough look at my mouth, x-ray and lots of questions
He said one of my teeth at the back needed grinding down as it my be the cause of the pain ? See how it goes over month. If no change then a stabilisation splint may be needed for in the day time for clenching(I’m not 100% I’ve noticed I do this, as I don’t notice it.
It’s costing £850 😳 that for impression, fitting and 5 further visits to see if any adjustments needed at month intervals
they do do them at dental hospital but from today’s conversation there is a 2 year waiting list !!

I’ve doubt it’s going to work, hence asking does yours give you pain free?
I have also got very painful neck at side which hurts when turning and laying flat (pain up into back of head) and wakes me 2/3 times a night.
The right side of my face jaw level is very sensitive especially when I wash my face

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dane8 Wed 13-Jan-21 19:49:30

Bump. Nobody with mouth/neck ache 😣

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HermionePotter123 Tue 20-Apr-21 13:07:36

I have this @dane8. Did you ever get the splint made?

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