Help, I had a blood test two weeks ago and my arm still hurts

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Questioningthings Wed 13-Jan-21 15:11:56

I have a medical condition, so I've had quite a lot of blood tests over the past few years for monitoring things. It's often quite difficult to get blood out of me and I always tell the nurse first. At the test two weeks ago, I will admit I hadn't drunk enough water beforehand so I was a bit dehydrated, so that made it more difficult.

It's never nice, but this time when she put the needle in it was SO painful, especially when she was moving it about to try and get some blood. I could feel the pain going right down my arm and into my fingers. For the first time ever I had to ask her to stop as I was in so much pain. She said I had some kind of fibres or tissues in my arm that were there from previous blood tests. She ended up taking blood from my opposite hand instead.

After a week it was still hurting, so I decided to investigate by pressing down inside my elbow at the site of the blood test. Big mistake, as I felt the pain going all down my arm and fingers again. Even now I keep getting cramps in my arm. I can't quite quite explain what's wrong, but I feel like my arm is weak? Even typing this on the keyboard is causing me a bit of pain.

Has some kind of permanent damage been caused? What can I do? If I phone my GP, can they actually do anything about it or is it too late? I'm quite worried.

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Questioningthings Wed 13-Jan-21 15:14:20

Luckily I'm right handed, and it's my left arm that's the problem. Every time I type it causes pain in my upper arm and some other bits.

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Rhubarbe Wed 13-Jan-21 15:42:53

Sounds like they hit a nerve. This happened to me when I gave blood once. It did very gradually improve but I still have a spot on my forearm which feels slightly numb.

Questioningthings Wed 13-Jan-21 15:48:57

How long did it take before you stopped being in pain? Has it limited the mobility of your arm?

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spiderlight Wed 13-Jan-21 15:51:10

I agree - probably caught a nerve. I've had this happen (I'm another regular at the phlebotomy clinic with a chronic condition) and it took probably a couple of weeks to go, but it wasn't as bad as yours.

Rhubarbe Wed 13-Jan-21 15:52:29

It took a few weeks for the shooting pains to stop when I moved my arm. I didn’t have any weakness though.

Questioningthings Wed 13-Jan-21 15:55:28

Can it ever cause permanent damage? Is there any point in phoning the GP surgery or is it something that nobody can do anything about? Do I just need to wait a few more weeks for it to go?

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Orf1abc Wed 13-Jan-21 15:59:17

Do you have health anxiety?

There's no need to contact the GP surgery, and no reason why it would cause long term damage.

Questioningthings Wed 13-Jan-21 16:00:19

Thank you. I didn't know as it's never happened before.

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RavingAnnie Wed 13-Jan-21 16:02:41

I've had this before and for me it took about a week for it to stop hurting.

I now ask them not to root around if they can't get blood. So they don't.

JemimaTiggywinkle Wed 13-Jan-21 16:22:57

I would be concerned about weakness in the arm. Unlikely, but it’s possible something else could be going on other that the botched blood taking.

If I were you I would contact your GP

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