Clarinet players, music recs grade 6ish

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Fumnudge Wed 13-Jan-21 12:27:59

Hi, I've bought a few 'popular hits', 'grestest show tunes' sheet music/books etc off eBay but they're all a bit basic, grade 3-4 ish max.
I was a grade 8 but a rusty 6 now I would think, can anyone recommend some books I can buy (second hand really due to lack of money)?
Love classical, movie tunes and popular music is ok, not great with blues and jazz.
Doesn't need a cd to go with it or anything fancy.
I've bought 100 solos and take the lead movie hits so far, both too easy.
Boy I miss orchestra meet ups.

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Fumnudge Wed 13-Jan-21 12:29:02

Sorry, so does anyone have any favourites?

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