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BonnesVacances Wed 13-Jan-21 11:56:52

We have the Sage pressure cooker which has just died, so are looking at replacing it with the same or another pressure cooker.

The most valuable feature and the reason we originally bought the Sage one is that it automatically released the pressure at the end of the cooking time, so it was ready to open and eat when we came back to it. At the time the Instant Pot needed you to manually select it to release the pressure which meant hanging around after coming back to it.

Is this still the case? I'm looking at the Evo Plus one but it doesn't explicitly say one way or another. Thanks.

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sueelleker Wed 13-Jan-21 12:05:18

I have the basic Duo, and the pressure releases slowly (Natural Pressure Release) It then stays on Keep Warm for up to 10 hours so the food is still hot when you want it.

EssentiallyDelighted Wed 13-Jan-21 12:13:20

Yes, it releases by itself - if you want to release it instantly at the end of cooking you have to turn a valve, otherwise it does it by itself over ten mins or so then keeps hot.

BonnesVacances Wed 13-Jan-21 12:15:19

Thanks. So if you want quick pressure release you need to select that manually, else it's natural release?

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wibblewombat Wed 13-Jan-21 12:16:58

Yep, if you want to open it straight after cooking time, you open the valve. Otherwise it loses pressure over about 20 mins ish.

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