How long is your washing machine cycle?

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supercee Wed 13-Jan-21 11:43:07

An exciting question for a Wednesday.

How long does your cycle last? My washing machine has ridiculously long cycles, like 2 and a half hours long. There's a 30 degrees quick wash and a super quick button that doesn't make it 'super quick' but cuts it down to maybe around an hour.

My new housemate does a lot of washing and never clicks the quick button so I'm listening to the machine which isn't the quietest a lot, but not sure if it's me that's being unreasonable and that's the norm?

Disclaimer - I'm not a slob and do wash my clothes but don't feel the need to wash them after each wear.

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SausagePourHomme Wed 13-Jan-21 11:45:32

The eco cycles are long, 4-6 hours some of them. There's a 1 hour cycle, and a rapid 15. I like being able to choose. Samsung machine.

insancerre Wed 13-Jan-21 11:47:14

Anything from 20 minutes to 3 hours
Depends which cycle I pick

MegaClutterSlut Wed 13-Jan-21 11:48:43

Normal wash time is 1hr55 but I have 2 quick wash settings at 1hr or 30 minutes

teuer Wed 13-Jan-21 11:49:27

My 40 degrees cottons cycle is 2.15. There’s an easy care setting which does a 40 wash in 1.35. They’re the two I use most. It’s a bottom of the range Bosch. Some cycles are 4 hours+.

mocktail Wed 13-Jan-21 11:49:36

Eco cycles tend to be very long but they do save water/energy/money.

RandomUsernameHere Wed 13-Jan-21 11:52:06

The cottons cycles are long (over 3hrs), the mixed load cycle is about 1 hr but only half the weight of laundry is recommended.
For the long cycles, I often set the delay timer before I go to bed so it's finished first thing in the morning. We can't hear it from the bedroom. This might be a good option if it doesn't disturb you.


sueelleker Wed 13-Jan-21 12:11:02

My 40 degree wash takes 57 minutes.

supercee Wed 13-Jan-21 12:11:07

I get the need for longer loads when it's a family load of washing, bed sheets etc. But for one person who works from home I don't get it?! Not great environmental either.

Maybe I'll just have to suck it up.

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H1978 Wed 13-Jan-21 12:11:10

Mix 40 degree wash is 1hr 35mins
White cottons 2hr 30mins
My washing machine has an in built scale so it sets the washing timer depending on the load weight.

pleasefeedthecat Wed 13-Jan-21 12:12:48

Just over three hours for a standard 40 degrees one with a 1400 spin. It's a brand new Zanussi.

Whenwillow Wed 13-Jan-21 12:16:29

I'm a bit thick probably but I've never been able to work out why the eco settings go on for so much longer.
I have a quick wash cycle which takes 30 mins for a 30° wash, 45 mins for 40°and I also use a mixed load programme which takes 1.5 hours at 40°, bit less time for 30°. I think the mixed load programme is meant to be eco friendly confused

SausagePourHomme Wed 13-Jan-21 17:43:21

I think eco pauses to let water drain so it doesn't need to spin so much? just guessing though.

TheFairyCaravan Wed 13-Jan-21 17:47:33

Mine is 1hr 59 mins for a normal wash but you can press the speed button and it takes an hour off. I do that most of the time unless the load is particularly heavy or dirty.

dementedma Wed 13-Jan-21 17:49:36

30 minutes generally. A quick wash covers most things. Over two hours for a hotter wash.

woodhill Wed 13-Jan-21 17:50:25

1 hr 20

PlantingGreen Wed 13-Jan-21 17:55:39

My mixed takes 1h 50m, cotton takes over 2 hours and eco20 degree wash takes 1h 30m. They may take a little less as the machine weighs the washing and reduces the time the wash takes depending on how heavy the load. Also have quick washes that are between 15 min to 50min. I usually use the mixed wash or eco20 wash

vanillandhoney Wed 13-Jan-21 18:04:07

The shortest is 20 minutes. I can do a quick wash and dry in 59 minutes as well.

Pinkyandthebrainz Wed 13-Jan-21 19:03:42

I use a mix 40 - 2 hours or a quick wash 40 mins depending on items
My machine offers anything between 30 mins and 5 years but who has time for that.

stripes416 Wed 13-Jan-21 19:18:37

I always put clothes on a quick 40 wash which is 45 minutes.. then with towels and bedding the 60 wash is on for 1 hour and 15 minutes I think it is

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