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Feelingconfused2020 Wed 13-Jan-21 10:12:37

Hi all. I just wondered if anyone could recommend a pen for my ten year old whose writing is almost illegible sometimes. His writing is very small and he joins it up so it just looks like scribbles. It's such a pity because he's very imaginative and writes such lovely stories!

Does anyone have any experience with this and any suggestions for pens that work?

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Imiss2019 Wed 13-Jan-21 10:13:44

How is he holding his pen/pencil?

WitchesNest Wed 13-Jan-21 10:24:53

Encourage non joined and larger writing until he is able to write more legibly? Or a thicker pen/pencil? DS is dyslexic and has issues with fine motor skills resulting in “scribbles” instead of proper writing. A thicker pencil and encouraging him to write larger/more spaced letters really helped

Feelingconfused2020 Thu 14-Jan-21 22:45:10

Thank you so much for replying. Yes I think a thicker pen sounds sensible. His writing is very thin and scribbly. He holds his pen normally but was late to learn this skill (for this country anyway) he was year 1 before he held his pencil correctly.

He never won his "pen license" but because of lockdown he was given it automatically in year 5 as I think they probably just give almost everyone them before they leave year 4. I have to say I think he'd be better with pencil but he would be the only one in year 5.

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Deathraystare Fri 15-Jan-21 08:18:24

On the light side .... Doctors have awful handwriting!

HippyChickMama Fri 15-Jan-21 08:38:14

Has he been assessed for dyspraxia @Feelingconfused2020? My ds has dyspraxia and his handwriting and late development of pen grasp were what flagged it up, that and being a bit clumsy and struggling with cutlery. Ds now uses a Stabilo Easy Grip pen which has helped with his pen control and uses grips for his pencils.

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