Gifts for new mum

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yvanka Wed 13-Jan-21 08:09:20

One of my friends is due next week! I've got one baby outfit but want to create a hamper of nice bits for her, as I know most people will be buying gifts for baby.

What did you most appreciate as gifts postpartum?

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yvanka Wed 13-Jan-21 09:13:04

Bump smile

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Catmother20 Wed 13-Jan-21 09:22:03

My babies 9 weeks old and I had loads of lovely clothes and gifts bought but the things I appreciated most were the most practical things such as nappies and big boxes of baby wipes (iv not had to buy any yet so it’s saved me a lot of money). Milton sterilising wipes they steralise soothers for when little one chucks it across the room and then cries for it back straight away. An insert for a baby bath I think it was from Amazon - amazing because it helps prob baby up when I’m bathing him. Clevamama car seat sleeping bag thing keeps him so snug and I don’t have to worry about blankets falling off or covering his face whilst driving. Hope this helps.

mdh2020 Wed 13-Jan-21 09:44:49

I usually buy something for the mother herself. Some nice toiletries , a bottle of booze and a box of chocolates. There are lots of gift sets on sale at the moment.

GemSmith738 Wed 13-Jan-21 09:47:01

Maybe some comfy loose PJ's and socks? Bath products, chocolates!

TeaTimeReader Wed 13-Jan-21 09:48:24

If mum plans to breastfeed some button front pjs are a nice idea

AllegedlyChaos Wed 13-Jan-21 09:48:50

Dominos gift voucher!


user1493413286 Wed 13-Jan-21 09:50:18

Posh chocolates and nice shower gel were my favourite things. I also think a Insulated cup, magazines, one handed healthy snacks are nice gifts for a new mum.

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