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VashtaNerada Wed 13-Jan-21 07:44:30

If you take daily multi vitamins can you recommend some small ones I can get for 12 yo DD? It sounds silly but she really won’t swallow any tablets that are big so I’m hoping to get some little ones but obviously can’t check the size without buying multiple packs. Thank you!

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AlwaysLatte Wed 13-Jan-21 07:46:35

My son is 12 and doesn't like big tablets. He has two of the strawberry haliborange each day. Sainsbury do them and they're usually on a 3 for 2.

x2boys Wed 13-Jan-21 08:06:27

You can get multi vitamins gummies in most supermarket,s

VashtaNerada Wed 13-Jan-21 08:36:23

Thank you!

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ssd Wed 13-Jan-21 08:37:30

I think you can get vitamin drops

BertieBotts Wed 13-Jan-21 08:38:48

You can get chewable ones which are great.

schmockdown Wed 13-Jan-21 08:44:15

Mine like the dissolvable ones


H1978 Wed 13-Jan-21 08:50:58

The gummy ones are best for kids. The cheapest I’ve seen are in Aldi.

Woodlandbelle Wed 13-Jan-21 08:52:04

I give mine the liquid form

Grapesoda7 Wed 13-Jan-21 08:54:19

Mine have the gummies, they do quite a range of ages including one for 12 to teens. Different flavours too. Mine have a multivitamin and then the calcium and vit d one as well.

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