What weight are you if you’re 5’7 and a size 8?

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SunshineOverStress Wed 13-Jan-21 06:42:11

I’m trying to lose weight and at the moment I’m 10 st 8lb and a size 10. My goal is 9.7 but I haven’t been under 10 stone since I was 18!

What do you weigh if you’re a similar height and a size 8?

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needemptyhouse Wed 13-Jan-21 06:57:13

You will get many varied answers on here as we all carry weight differently.

I am 5ft 6in and weigh 8st 8lbs and am a size 10, sometimes a size 8 but depends where my clothes are from.

Anything over 9st and I am nearer a size 12.

Apparentlystillchilled Wed 13-Jan-21 06:59:25

5' 8" and if I am under 9st 4, I'm an 8. I have narrow shoulders and quite a small frame.

Blessex Wed 13-Jan-21 07:02:08

5’6. 8 stone 10 lb. Size 8

leafygarden42 Wed 13-Jan-21 07:02:31

I'm 5'8'' and weigh 9 stone 7 lbs - size 10

For me to be size 8 I'd have to weigh less than 9 stone.

WunWun Wed 13-Jan-21 07:04:34

confused I'm 5'7.5 and 9st 10 and there's no way I could squeeze into size 10 trousers/jeans.

Prestissimo Wed 13-Jan-21 07:05:37

I’m not quite 5’7 but always weigh between 58-60kg, which is about 9stone 2 to 9 stone 6. I’m consistently a size 8 - sometimes a 6 depending on ridiculous clothes sizing.


backatschool Wed 13-Jan-21 07:12:00

5'7" and usually around 59-60kg which is 9 stone 5ish. I'm a size 8.

Jemenfouscompletement Wed 13-Jan-21 07:15:30

5'8 and 58kgs around 9 stone 2, depends on the clothing brand but a size 8 in Mango, Zara etc. I have a small frame and am straight up and down, no bust or bum.

Karmatime Wed 13-Jan-21 07:24:36

Just under 5’8 and about 60kg, a smallish size 10, if I lose a few pounds I’m nearer an 8. It varies though, in some brands I’m always a size 8 but the actual clothes are bigger than a 10 in others.

WhatTheFoot Wed 13-Jan-21 07:28:14

I'm 10 stone exactly, 5"6 and size 10 bottom size 8 top. I need to loose half a stone as I'm carrying Christmas weight, at 9st 7 I'm an 8 top and bottom. If I put weight on it goes straight to my thighs 😣

BibbyDarling Wed 13-Jan-21 07:31:42

5’7, size 8, I go between 8 1/2 stone and 9 stone.

Owlettt Wed 13-Jan-21 07:32:39

I'm 5"7, size 8 and weigh 8 stone 6.

gifmenu Wed 13-Jan-21 07:33:51

5'6" 8st 9lbs and a size 8

HadleysHope1 Wed 13-Jan-21 07:35:23

5'6 and around 8 stone 10...wear a 10 or an 8 depending on the shop

milkysmum Wed 13-Jan-21 07:36:15

I'm 5ft 7. Currently at 9st 5 because I've put on a few pounds over Xmas. To be back in my size 8 jeans I need to get just under 9 stone generally.

bumblingalonghappily Wed 13-Jan-21 07:36:49

9 stone at 5'7 makes me an 8.

TimeForLunch Wed 13-Jan-21 07:38:43

I am exactly the height and size you mention and weigh around 8 and a half stone. Pretty much always have done throughout adult life. As a child and teenager I was painfully thin and would try everything to put weight on. It happened naturally as I grew up and I am now happy with my weight.

AuntieStella Wed 13-Jan-21 07:38:59

5ft 6 and it's when my BMI is under about 22 so about 9st 8

Callcat Wed 13-Jan-21 07:45:12

5''7 and today 9st0.6. That's big for me though, as I have a really small frame. My perfect weight is about 8st8. My friend who is the same height looks emaciated under 9st5 though, we are a completely different shape - she's a small size 8 at just over 9.st, but I'd be size 10 at that weight. It's weird!

Fatherbrownsbicycle Wed 13-Jan-21 07:49:11

You will get many varied answers on here as we all carry weight differently
I’m 8 stone 9 and a size 10 & I’m taller

Pippioddstocking Wed 13-Jan-21 07:50:47

5.7 and size 8 at just under 9 stone. I’m 9.5 stone now and defo a 10. Skinny build but run a lot so thicker thighs.

thedevilinablackdress Wed 13-Jan-21 07:57:07

You will get many varied answers on here as we all carry weight differently

This and also, what even is 'an 8'? Compare size 8 clothing from different shops and they are not the same.

needemptyhouse Wed 13-Jan-21 08:08:24

It would be interesting to know other people's measurements, waist, hips etc

I have clothes from several shops that state a size yet are all different!

Some shops I cannot get a size 10 over my legs yet others a size 10
Is way too big.

SmileyClare Wed 13-Jan-21 08:08:52

I think setting yourself a realistic target of losing a stone is best. Particularly if you've hovered around 10- 10 and a half stone since you were 18yrs.

It all depends on where you shop with clothes sizes! It also depends where your fat is distributed and your body shape. I've always been eight and a half stone but have size 12, 10, 8 and 6 hanging in my wardrobe confused

If you're a ten now, I would have thought you'd lose a dress size in the same clothing range by losing a stone.

Good luck, you'll feel healthier and have a lot more energy if you lose it slowly and sensibly, and gain body confidence. That's more important than the number in your clothes label smile

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