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Ltdannygreen Tue 12-Jan-21 22:41:15

Okay so a close friend of mine just came out to his parents despite being gay for the last 12 year. He’s had relationships with men and such but never disclosed them to his parents. He said his dad actually took it better than his mum. I was surprised as such as usually you hear of dads not taking it well. My uncle came out when I was 12, I never understood why you have to come out, why you couldn’t just enter a relationship like normal and that was it. Young innocence hey. For me he’s still the same guy he was before we found out he liked lads. My Nan didn’t have no issues and my grandad despite not saying much and actually getting on with my uncles boyfriend (now husband) I think he just pretended it was my uncles friend. I know if my son came to me and told me he was gay, it most definitely wouldn’t be an issue, as long as he’s happy that’s all I want for him. I just can’t imagine turning my back on my son for being who he is. I’m just wondering how people would be if they were facing the same situation.

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