Getting rid of an Aga - anyone done it, will I regret it?

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Housemum Tue 12-Jan-21 21:07:52

We have a 2 oven gas Aga that came with the house. The kitchen units are MFI circa 1980's and in need of replacement.

I think that I want to get rid of the Aga and replace it with a large catering size hob and Neff ovens underneath. Or else a professional type range. My worry is that we might regret it. As far as I can see:
Aga pros
- toasty warm
- somewhere to dry washing in a hurry
- simmering oven means no need for a slow cooker
- roasts are good
Aga cons:
- gas guzzling environmental disaster
- baking is hit and miss (no baking oven as 2 oven model so need to use cold shelf)
- hot in summer/have to turn it off or else suffer the heat

If the house came with a 3 or 4 oven model I might have thought differently but I can't justify the cost of a new or reconditioned Aga.

Anyone care to share their thoughts on getting rid of an Aga, anyone done it and want to share their replacement and whether they were happy with it?

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