HELP with Grammar please

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Overseasmom100 Tue 12-Jan-21 19:00:24

you will find it in this week's Northern Times
you will find it in this weeks Northern Times


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SomewhatBored Tue 12-Jan-21 19:01:50

Apostrophe - it's the Northern Times 'belonging' to this week.

spiderlight Tue 12-Jan-21 19:02:00

Yes, you do need an apostrophe.

SillyBub Tue 12-Jan-21 19:02:05

apostrophe required as it's the Northern Times that belongs to this week.

thistimelastweek Tue 12-Jan-21 19:02:10

The first one.

ShirleyPhallus Tue 12-Jan-21 19:02:21

Yes, apostrophe

Overseasmom100 Tue 12-Jan-21 19:02:38

Thank you wonderful Mumsnetters!

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